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Operation Management in Atlantic Airlines

Operation Management in Atlantic Airlines


It is a UK-based company which was established by the efforts of Richard Branson. This company is the business unit of Virgin Group. Its shares are mainly held by the Virgin Group (51%) and Delta Group (49%). In terms of passengers, Virgin Atlantic is the seventh largest airline of UK. Currently, the company is facing thorny operational issues and faces £128.4 million loss (2013). However, the company remains profitable. The Civil Aviation Authority has awarded this company A- Type operating license. This type of license is giving authority to the company for mail, cargo and passengers. Presently, the fleet size of Atlantic is 44 (Appendices: 1) and destinations 34 in all over the world. Its arch rival is the British Airway that has also long successful history.

Operation Management

The Operations Management can be defined as the control, operation, and improvement of processes that transform resources into goods and or services. As the marketing function leads to product development and function manages the financial capital, the operations are responsible for generating the package of products and services sold to customers. The operation management covers essentially the production of goods, but the administration of services will also be treated when it is a function inseparable from the production function, thereby maintaining an integrated view between them. As the company expands its international activities, taking a global perspective, the opportunities and results should be the result of a strategic vision. In this perspective, the operation management considers that the manger has skills on the different perspectives, even though comprehensive strategies and theories of organization. The operation management focuses on how basic axis Speed, Cost, Flexibility, Quality and Dependability.


Quality management maintains and enhances the company's reputation. Further, it is helpful in fulfilling the needs and requirements of internal and external customers. Operations management is significant and essential factor for the development and growth of the organization in order to improve its performance and productivity (Obenauf, 2001, p.13). Virgin Atlantic Airline coordinates with international and national authorities in continuing implementation and development of safety and quality standards. Virgin Atlantic Airline is integrating the standard of ISO 9001:2008 to improve their operations by enhancing their quality (ISO, 2012, Pp.3-5). The principles of ISO 9001:2008 are focusing on various issues such as employee participation, customer focus, ongoing improvement etc. The requirements for becoming ISO 9000 certified include management responsibility, quality system, contract review, design control, document control, purchasing, customer-supplied material, product traceability and identification.


In operation management, speed refers to the effectiveness of a company that can produce well and deliver them at the customers. The less time represents that a company has good operation system. In a company, it is the responsibility of operation manager to provide prompt services to the customers (Greasley, 2013). In the context of Atlantic Airline, speed is in the Customer Services, Baggage and Quicker Destination. On the website of company, latest news are published which inform the customers about any ...
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