Banking System

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Banking System

Banking System


Bank is the place where customers feel the sense of safety for their property. In the bank, customers deposit and withdraw their money. Transaction of money also is a part where customer takes shelter of the bank. Now to keep the belief and trust of customers, there is the positive need for management of the bank, which can handle all this with comfort and ease. Smooth and efficient management affects the satisfaction of customers and staff members, indirectly. Of-course, it encourages management committee in taking some needed decision for future enhancement of the bank.

Now days, managing banks are a tedious job up to a certain limit. So software that reduces the work is essential. Also, today's world is a genuine computer world and is getting faster and faster day-by-day. Thus, considering above necessities, the software for bank management has become necessary which would be useful in managing the bank more efficiently.


In this software will perform and fulfill all the tasks that any customer would desire.

The motto is to develop a software program for managing the entire bank process related to customer accounts, employee accounts and to keep each every track about their property and their various transaction processes efficiently.

Hereby, the main objective is the customer's satisfaction considering today's faster world.

Hardware Design









System Design

Flow Chart

Transaction Process

The present financial crisis confirms that central banks play a crucial role in the banking system liquidity management. The majority of developed countries operate under conditions when the central bank supplies liquidity to commercial banks. Management of the banking system liquidity is performed by the same tools that are used for the attainment of stable and low inflation rate. Therefore, the practical liquidity management has to be consistent with the level of the main policy rate that is announced by central banks with regard to defined inflation target, and dynamics of inflationary factors. The method of central bank's management of the banking system liquidity has immediate impacts on the dynamics of O/N interest rates in the interbank market. The main policy rate functions as a gravitational core of ultra-short interest rates and the volatility of interest rates reflects a short-time difference, between the supply of liquidity by the central bank, and demand of other banks for liquidity.

Monetary policy implementation and banking system liquidity management

One of the necessary conditions for the attainment of envisaged effects of monetary policy is central banks ability to stabilize. The price of the banking system liquidity is announced from main policy rate. In the implementation of monetary policy, it is essentially necessary to set such conditions for the use of monetary-policy instruments that will solve the problem of the fundamental deficit or surplus of the banking system. Liquidity, and at the same time that will allow to react flexibly to daily volatility of the demand of banks for liquidity, and changes in need of liquid resources under such price conditions that are consistent with the announced level of the main policy ...
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