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Bible in Context


After explaining the meaning of the parable of the wheat to his disciples, Jesus went on to tell them two other parables. These are the parable of the hidden treasure and the parable of the pearl. These two parables, just like the previous parables, discuss the value of the “kingdom of heaven”. He expresses the means by which one can reach the kingdom of heaven (Matthew 13:44).


Both these parables are very similar and give the same message. They make a clear statement that the kingdom of heaven is of immense value and in order to reach this goal, people have to give up all their worldly possessions in order to reach the kingdom of heaven. Jesus says that even the richest things are not as valuable as heaven. It has to be noted that the treasures are hidden in both parables. This symbolises that the way to the kingdom of heaven is hidden and cannot be found by worldly wisdom, power, or intelligence. The only way to reach this kingdom is to serve God in the way he requires so that his spirit may lead us to everlasting happiness.

Historically, this parable was interpreted in a way that the kingdom of heaven was considered to be Jesus Christ, since it is mentioned in various places in the scripture that Jesus is the most valuable treasure. Man is always sad and never satisfied because there is sin in his heart. However, the greatest joy is finding internal happiness, and the greatest happiness that can be found is Jesus Christ. There is a slight difference between the interpretation of the early church and today's Church. The difference is that historically, the treasures were considered to be Jesus Christ while in today's Church, the treasures are considered to be ...
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