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Research Papers on Biology

Biology is a branch of science that deals with living organisms. It is further divided into botany and zoology. Students of biology are likely to be asked to submit biology research papers when they are at higher levels of school or college. Therefore, Researchomatic has provided a platform from where students can easily get access to thousands of biology research papers.

Vitamin D
VITAMIN D Vitamin D Introduction Vitamin D is known to therapeutic science for a century. What's more just the most recent 15 years, it got clear that the biotic impacts of vitamin D, go far past calcium digestion system. Up to date investigations of the impacts of vitamin D insufficiency on the human ...
Pregnancy After 35 Years
Pregnancy after 35 Years Pregnancy after 35 Years Pregnancy Today many women decide to become mothers after 35 years. In fact, one in five has their first child after this age.  Fortunately, most have healthy pregnancies and babies. However, studies show that women over 35 face some special risks during pregnancy. For this reason it ...
Fitness Of Rna Virus Decreased By Muller’s Ratchet
Fitness of RNA Virus Decreased by Muller's Ratchet Fitness of RNA Virus Decreased by Muller's Ratchet Summary of the Article The reason for existence of sex remained an unsolved problem in the field of Biology. Mutation occurred could be deleterious on average. Evolution of sex can be accounted to the raised mutation ...
Genetics Knowledge
GENETICS KNOWLEDGE Genetics Knowledge Genetics Knowledge Benefits of Genetics Knowledge Genetic is changing our world Genetic has provided some powerful knowledge that is changing humanity's view of itself and its relation to the rest of the universe. This has brought changes of our current philosophies and religions. For instance, the Catholic Church has accepted the ...
Non-Infectious Diseases
Non-Infectious Diseases Introduction The Non Infectious Diseases: A Global Challenge The prevention programs are based on the global strategies and action programs of the WHO and in the activities of the European Union, because the issue of Non-Infectious diseases affects both the developed countries and the developing and emerging countries. Chronic diseases ...
Chemical Methods
CHEMICAL METHODS Alternative Way of Chemical Methods to Stop Plant Pathogens Definition of Pathogens3 Chemical Methods to Stop Pathogens3 Symptoms of Bacterial Diseases4 Guarding the Gates: Pre-Existing Defenses6 Plant Resistance6 Plant Pathogens: Sneak Attack versus Brute Force7 Plant-Pathogen Interactions7 Nutrition Pathogens8 Specificity of Plant-Pathogen Interactions8 Mechanisms of Defense in Plant-Pathogen Interactions9 Plant Defense10 Defense Activation10 Alarm: Induced Defenses after Pathogen Recognition12 Surveillance and Detection of ...
Bee Products
Bee Products Bee Products Introduction Bee products are considered as one of the most appropriate and most used natural product from ancient time. Honey bees are one of the most productive and they are also considered as chemical engineers and master chemical. They are well known because of their productivity as well as ...
Research Methods
RESEARCH METHODS Research Methods Abstract The paper aims to study the research paper of different author and then has derived certain essential that refers to identifying the philosophical basics and then from the broader topic further redefining it to a framework that identifies the research problem. In addition to this understanding the ...
Specie Of Washington State
Specie of Washington State Specie of Washington State Introduction Washington is house to a notable range of species, a manifestation of our ecological unit's variety, together with aquatic, fresh water and global environment. Many of their variety are wandering, spending part, but not all, of their life in Washington. Salmon, gray ...
Fetal Alcohol Syndrome In Prenatal Development
Fetal Alcohol Syndrome in Prenatal Development Fetal Alcohol Syndrome in Prenatal Development Introduction The Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS) is the most serious disease of the fetus induced by alcohol consumption during pregnancy.  For a long time, in fact, it was considered that the abnormal development of infants were attributable to poor ...
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