Book Of Revelation

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Book of Revelation

Book of Revelation

Significance of the Seven Churches

These seven churches that are drawn upon in the Revelation 2-3 are the literal churches during the time period of Apostle John when he was writing the Revelation. However, the message that is revealed in the Revelation is of more significance and extends beyond those seven churches; it exudes spiritual significance that is of paramount importance to the believers and churches even today. The prime purpose and schema through which the message relative to Seven Churches is related to the broader message that is conveyed by Revelation, lies in the fact that it was the communication intended for the churches that was driven at the back of the attempt to meet their needs. To guide the churches and the individuals as well under the shadow of God enlightening them with the truth at macro level, pertaining to God, is what is meant by the revelation related to the seven churches. These seven churches are also used as metaphors in the Revelation through which the seven different eras in the history of church are conveyed to the masses. Each church primarily highlights the issues that are applicable at any given time in the history of churches and this is what creates controversies regarding the meaning that is associated with the seven churches that are referred to and discussed in the Revelation 2-3. On a more apparent level, these messages related to seven churches are related to the broader message in the book in that they identify between right and wrong.

Reason behind Book of Revelation being written in apocalyptic style

Book of Revelation is written in apocalyptic style primarily because the ability of this style to characterize battles between good and evil through emphasizing on the right elements. Revelation essentially belongs to the literature of ...
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