Business Management

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Business Management

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Introduction To Business Management3

Planning Of Business Management4

Organizing Of Business Management5

Controlling Of Business Management5

Financing Of Business Management7

Marketing And Advertising8

Profit And Non Profit Business9

Man Power In Business10

Budget And Profit11

Various Profitable Types Of Business12

Sole Proprietorship12




Systems And Software For Business14



Business Management

Introduction to Business Management

Business Management is the activity of the manager in overall organization or businesses to manage people in a certain way to achieve the organizational goals and targets in effective and efficient way. Management is the combination of planning, controlling, staffing, and leading. Good and proper management leads a company toward the success and prosperity (Mintzberg, 2004). Management is responsible for developing operational policies and methods of funding to assist managers to increase their level of control. It helps to develop some management capabilities and operational planning, including the modernization of the comptroller, risk management, program evaluation, quality assurance, staff development and organizational development, communications with employees and management and accountability for the use of human and financial resources (Lamond, 2004). Any business has two major objectives; to generate maximum profits and to satisfy its customers. For these tasks, management is the key.

When creating a business company, it should keep several things in mind, but certainly one of the most important is whether this company generates profits, otherwise it will not work. Another important point is the customer satisfaction, because in the same way if the company does not meet customer needs, this is not going to consume your products or services and the business will not work (Barrick, 2005). All members, belonging to a company, should always meet the need of its customers. For a company to be successful and innovative, it must have a good marketing department to remain updated as to the changing needs of customers and also have a great creativity to develop new ideas (Shu, 2008). Companies should not stagnate as employees, if an employee is promoted from position cannot stand the idea of ??his previous position, must be updated in terms of knowledge.

Planning Of Business Management

A management plan must contain at least two major components. The first defines the allocation of responsibilities for specific tasks related to the implementation on the ground, the strategic plan of campaign, taking care to state in detail the guidelines activities for mobilization of resources, to support the implementation plan of the campaign (Lamond, 2004). The second part of the management plan is for the organization and coordination of the activities planned and multimedia. This is the proposed system of distribution and the use of campaign materials. The management plan will provide specific guidance to beneficiaries and areas of intervention, as well as procedures for use of multimedia support materials. These guidelines and procedures, which are necessary for the implementation of the campaign on the ground, are also used to monitor management.

One of the main objectives of the management plan was to provide campaign organizers a systematic and comprehensive mobilization of resources efficiently and economically in accordance with the strategic plan. Since the implementation of the campaign ...
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