Business Plan For Launching Evening Daycare Service

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Business Plan for Launching Evening Daycare Service

Business Plan for Launching Evening Daycare Service


This Business plan is proposed for opening an Evening Day Care Services in the country of Prince George's Country of USA located in the State of Maryland. The Business Plan described below covers the following sections regarding products and services offered, human resource management plans, mission and vision of business, benefits from the business, Financial plan and chart of accounts associated to business functionality, affects of Accounting Standards and Principals on Business accounts and reporting, estimated Financial Statements, implementation of Internal controls, and evaluation of regulatory requirements.

Evening Day Care Service

Evening Day Care service is a fresh business that aims to provide daycare services in Price George's Country in Maryland. It is a small scale service that promises to take good care of children aging from 4 months to 6 years old in evening and night from 4 pm till 1 am. It has a vision of offering safe, hygienic, and entertaining services and care to children and infants equally. Evening Daycare understands the significance of child physical and mental development for a better future. Thus, Evening childcare is provides quality care and pays attention to all activities of children under roof.

Products or Services

The services offered by Evening Daycare include taking care of children in various time slots particularly in evening and night, when legal guardians are busy at work or attending various significant events or unable to cope up with child behaviors. It also provides a playing area for children, clean washrooms, dining room, entertaining services such as cartoon movies, poems and story telling, basic education services like this of elementary level and helping distorted children and infants with the help of professional psychologists to train them behaving adequately and make them learn various manners such as eating manners, talking politely, listening to elders etc.

Human Resource Management Plan

In order to run a successful daycare business, human resource is the vital and most significant decision to be made. Since the main agenda of business is to provide quality service, therefore, business focuses on hiring extremely responsible, highly motivated and qualified staff for this purpose. The staff would be comprised of various units such as teachers, nanny's, helpers, administrators, psychologists, cleaners and cocks. It is preferred that majority of the staff hired would be comprised of females (Census Special Report, 2004).

Rationale of Business

The basic motivation behind initiating this business is that I personally have urge and keen interest in managing and playing with children around. I am more concerned about children and infants future that will ultimately affect our Nation as a whole. Therefore, I would like to be part of the system economically and contribute to my best (Bhide, A., 2012).

Form of Business

The Business is initiated by a single entity and takes form of sole proprietorship since it's a small business. Since the owner has personal interests in business as well therefore, he or she will be solely responsible for day to day responsibilities and run the business ...
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