Chamorro Myths And Legends

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Chamorro Myths and Legends

Chamorro Myths and Legends

Customs collectively are the traditions and accepted ways of behaving or doing something. Customs often include ritual practices. Rituals are usually formal and stylized acts that people perform in exact places or at certain times. They are public events, repeated and passed down from generation to generation. As a rule, is built around religious beliefs, but the motives and activities for various rituals. Rituals can be presented individually or in the community, which may be private or public. Rituals help to strengthen social ties and cultural teaching specific lessons. Among the rites, which entails significant changes in human life? Rituals or ritual behavior studies can notify us about the people involved in this activity and on humanity and culture, in which the rituals. In supplement, the rituals are often shed lightweight on the deeper beliefs, superstitions, taboos and anxieties of a particular culture.

Chamorro account of creation

Almost every heritage has its own creation, and each has a exclusive history. The article of the creation of the world, notifies us much about the heritage of the Chamorro. We are notified that the Chamorro persons of their belief, possibly, numerous centuries before the introduction of Christianity.

"Tips and Fauna are just two of the gods in the very vintage belief of Chamorro. Historical causes that every individual mentions to the Chamorro as pagans, and refuted the reality of belief in the Mariana Islands. Thus, Chamorro gods Fauna points and mentioned to the article as "myths", "legend" or "superstition."

Fauna Puritan account and furthermore notifies us that in Chamorro heritage, men and women are highly regarded as mighty and creative constituents of society. Chamorro persons matrilineal scheme in which gender functions were balanced identically between men and women share power and responsibility.

In supplement to the account of Puritan Fu'una and the gender balance can be discovered in the political system. In government, Chamorro, two names of the most mighty humanity in the hands of men and women, maga'låhi (son of the leader) and maga'haga (chief's daughter). Maga'haga maga'lahi names and to illustrate the heritage implication of the male siblings and sisters, and it best features another significant Chamorro heritage message by Puritan and Fauna. The only brother-sister connection between the two gods reflects the matrilineal scheme, which is performed by the Chamorro people. In the matrilineal scheme, male siblings and sisters have relied on each other to defend the house of the family, lifting young children in the family, and construct assets to hold the family stock. Brother-sister connections are certainly and absolutely reliable.

On the other hand, the connection of married man and wife are advised to be enduring, and thus, husbands and wives were not presumed to be eternally indebted to them in order that male siblings and sisters. Dot and oral annals Fauna, thus, educates us not only a attractive article of creation, but heritage and annals of the Chamorro in periods of belief, gender functions, and the parent ...
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