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Assignment on Chemistry

Chemistry is the branch of science that is concerned with the properties, composition and reactions of various elementary forms of matter. Students those who studies chemistry as a subject are often asked to prepare assignments on chemistry. Researchomatic contains a wide range of chemistry assignments in this section. Theses assignments will assist individuals in preparing their own chemistry assignments.

Molecular mass of alcoholic fuels affect the enthalpy of combustion
REFERENCES References from the internet and research on the topic : “Why does relative molecular mass of alcoholic fuels affect the enthalpy of combustion ?” at GCSE Year 11 level. References from the internet and research on the topic : “Why does relative molecular mass of alcoholic fuels affect the ...
Enzyme Action
ENZYME ACTION Effect Of Competitive Inhibitors On LIPASE Effect Of Competitive Inhibitors On LIPASE Discussion & Analysis Phenolphthalein Phenolphthalein is a substance molecular compound, it has the method as C20H14O4 and it is structured as Hln it is a short form of the structural notation. It is mostly utilized in titations and go colorless ...
Titanium Titanium BACKGROUND Titanium dioxide that is used commercially is ordinarily showcased as a white to somewhat coloured indistinct powder. A platelet shape is likewise fabricated. Most titanium dioxide in the anatase shape is transformed as a white powder; inasmuch as different rutile evaluations are frequently off-white and can even display a slight ...
CHEMISTRY Chemistry Assignment Chemistry Assignment Answer 14) Preparation of Standard Solutions and Titration Techniques in Industry The standard solutions are those whose concentration of solute is accurately known. The concentration of solutions should be known accurately before performing any titration technique. Titration is a very widely used technique therefore the methods adopted to ...
ASSIGNMENT Assignment Assignment Answer # 1(b) Soluble guanylate cyclase (sGC) is a nitric oxide (NO) sensing hemoprotein that has been described in eukaryotes from Drosophila to humans. Genomic analysis has recently placed sGC within a larger family of proteins with Heme Nitric oxide/Oxygen binding (H-NOX) domains including prokaryotic proteins with significant homology ...
Cell Chemistry
CELL CHEMISTRY Cell Chemistry Cell Chemistry Introduction All living organisms, from microbes to mammals, are composed of chemical substances from both the inorganic and organic world, that appear in roughly the same proportions, and perform the same general tasks. Hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, carbon, phosphorus, and sulfur normally make up more than 99% ...
Module 2 – Case
Module 2 - Case Module 2 - Case First Construction of cell membranes  They have a continuous structure, are composed of lipids and proteins (about the same weight of the two components).  Phospholipids - form bilayer membranes in water, are liquid (building membrane lipid molecules move. Traffic is confined to the plane of the ...
HYDROGELS Bio Mimicry Bio Mimicry Organism These papers have discussed the behavior of Hydro gel which is a type of material having a component liquid component and a solid. Structurally, it is composed of a matrix chain polymers and inflated by a large amount of water or fluid organic. Hydro gels are insoluble network ...
Cellular Chemistry
CELLULAR CHEMISTRY Cellular Chemistry Cellular Chemistry Analysis Of Spectrophotometry Spectrophotometric techniques are used to measure the concentration of solutes in solution by measuring the amount of light that is absorbed by the solution in a cuvette placed in the spectrophotometer. Spectrophotometry takes advantage of the dual nature of light. Namely, ...
Paper Chromatography Of Food Dyes
Paper Chromatography of Food Dyes Paper Chromatography of Food Dyes Chromatography is a technique for separating mixtures into the components that they are made from in order to analyze, identify, quantify, or purify the mixture or components. A scientist will use chromatography to: examine a mixture, its components, and their relations ...
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