Church History

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Church History

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Importance of Understanding Church History1

Church History: Theological Perspective2

Church History and its Branches2

Periods of Church History3

Early Ages (A.D. 1-590)3

Middle Ages (590-1517) A.D.13

Modern Ages: (1517-1880 A.D.)19




Church History


A church serves as a facilitator or a meeting point for the Christians. The history reveals that previously Christians use to meet in synagogues or in house churches that were considered as one another homes. The acceptance of Christianity by Government and its growth as a proper religion makes it possible to settle separate places where people can easily worship according to Christianity teachings and worship patterns. The church buildings in past were in a shape of cross with a tower or a dome. However, with the passage of time, the architecture of the building keeps on changing and at present churches is found with different architectural designs and layouts.

Importance of Understanding Church History

Knowledge about the church history helps an individual to understand the process of spiritual growth. It gave a sense about the came up of scriptures. There are two sides of history. One is related to divine, and the other has relation to the human side. On God's part history is something that has given exposure to the people related to His infinite mercy, justice. However, the man considers it as a biography of their race and the development of all the capabilities and intellects of the individuals. The universal idea of history assumes the unity of God idea of Christianity. The Kingdom of God established by Jesus Christ in other words is the ultimate aim of the history. It is considered as one of the most comprehensive institution in the world. The Christianity is as large as the humanity, and it will last just as the element of eternity. This institution receives obedience from all other institutions, and the whole world is governed in its interest. The rise and progress of the kingdom is one of the features that mark the history of church specifying the magnificence of God and the deliverance of the world.

Church History: Theological Perspective

Church history is considered as theological science and art that portrays the interpretation of growth and development of this heavenly kingdom. Lord's twin parables of mustard seed and leaven are the topics on which it provides a continuous commentary. Jesus Christ works for the betterment of the world and spread the message of God. He fought with those who were harm for religion and preach wrong messages dividing the Christianity into several parts. The history of Christianity also takes into account the acts of those who operated in the society as Anti-Christ. The Church history gives a sense that the Satan is very weak in comparison to God. The lightness of his teaching changes the dark world into an element of shame. The history of Church comes up with a change in development and provides a place to the perfect deeds and that the Day of Judgment will bring the time into an eternal peace. The rest will be the true ...
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