Classroom Management And Discipline

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Classroom Management And Discipline

Classroom Management And Discipline


The classroom management has its significant importance. There are various approaches and models that are used in order to make the classrooms effective and disciplined. The following section aims at discussing essential answers to questions relating to the classrooms management.


Question 1:

There are different kinds of powers that teachers use to control the classrooms using three essential models of classroom management which involve control, group management and influence. The power that is most related to the control management model involves the coercive power. This power allows the teachers to control the class by implementing the authority to say “No”, to hold back privileges, and to punish the students. The power related to group management involves the legitimate power and the referent powers that develop better relationships. The power that is related to influence model involves the expert power that greatly influences the children to learn.

Question 2:

The proponents of the model of group management believe that the other two models that involve the control and the influences have not any positive impact upon the classroom management. They believe that control management discourages the positive activities of the children that may assist them in learning new skills. The criticisms regarding the influences involve that this model sometimes develops high standards that cannot be easily grasped by the students and it creates negative impact upon the classrooms. The proponents of the model of group management believe that this model involves both the aspects of controlling and the influencing that motivates the children to learn different behavioural aspects within the classrooms.

Question 3:

The six kinds of power involve the following.

Informational: under this power the teachers explain the students that how the behaviour should be maintained and how the learning activities will be carried out.

Coercive: This power provides authority to teacher ...
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