Climate Change And Precipitation

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Climate Change and Precipitation

Climate Change Increases Precipitation


Climate change is one of the most serious current issues at present which is haunting the entire human race. The problem has become a challenge for Earth Sciences and environmental policy. The scientists acknowledge completely the fact that earth climate is changing at an extreme pace which is expected to bring us unanticipated problems. The general weather is becoming extreme at both ends; heat and cold. North is melting the ice more and more due to climatic changes. The same nature of the problem has occurred with rainfall/ snowfall. According to the scientists the extreme climate will increase the level of precipitation in the world. This research paper aims to find the relevant information from scholarly sources and media representation of facts behind this grave environmental issue (NASA, 2013).

Overview of the Climate Change

Experts on climatic change have recently found in their research that there exists a resilient correlation between increasing global temperature and the sternness of extreme precipitation. It was a group of researchers from “The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration” who found that due the excessive heated-up of the earth there is a greater concentration of green-house gases and evaporation percentage also upsurges. This has resulted in expanding the rate of humidity and increased the heavy shower specifically at the time of storms. If the green-house gases stay at their present levels, water-vapor content will rise 20% to 30% in the atmosphere in the final years of the current century.

Scientific Approach

Scholarly written article from NASA explains the phenomenon with the help of scientific facts. According to them it, lower atmosphere gets warmer which will tend to increase the evaporations level, this will enhance the content of moisture prevailing in the lower atmosphere (also called troposphere). This will consequently result in a greater ...
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