Climatic Change

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Climatic Change

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Climatic Change

Climate change is characterized as observed increase in global average temperature of the planet. Climate is totally different from weather. Weather is the state of environment at a place and time as regards heat, cloudiness, wind and rain. Climatic change is the lasting change in the statistical distribution of the weather patterns over the periods which ranges from decades to the millions of years. Climatic change may change in the average distribution of weather or average conditions of weather. It happens because of few reasons which include oceanic processes or circulation of oceans, the biotic processes, disparity in the solar radiations that are being received by the earth, and the eruptions of volcanoes. The induced alteration of human being and global warming also has a direct impact on the climatic change. These factors, which shape the climate are called as forcing mechanism or climate forcing. The variations in the earth orbit, variations in the solar radiations, changes in the green house gas concentrations, continental drift. There are a number of the climatic change feed backs that diminish or amplify these initial forcing. Some of the parts of the climatic change such as ice caps and oceans respond slowly in reaction to the climate forcing, but they respond to it rapidly (Stern, 2006).

Climatic Change as an issue of Social Justice

Climatic change is an issue of social justice. It is not acceptable all over the world that the wealthy nations and elite class people are now responsible for few threats of ecology that is faced by the planet. The activity of human being such as the activity of industrialization harms the balance of the natural climate. The perception of human being for the issues of the climatic change has increased now over the last few years. On the other hand, the government has deliberately tried influences on the debate for the direction of the purpose, which is no longer preserve of the politicians, economists and scientists. People are not urged to be smart towards the carbon constraint life (Bulkeley, 2013).

Perspective of Stake Holders

The stake holders are those people who affect the climate. In the climate animals, plant and human being all are the stake holders of the climate. It is because all the social activities, animals' activities and activities of plants also plays an important role in the climatic change. With regard to the variation in the climate, there are anthropogenic factors are actions of human beings that affect climate. According to the scientific consensus on the difference in the climate, “the climate is changing and that these changes are in the large part makes by the activities of human being” which are “irreversible largely”. The primary causes are anthropogenic factors which increases the level of the carbon dioxide mostly emitted from the fossil fuels and is followed by the aerosols (particulate matter in the environment) and the release of carbon dioxide by the cement manufacture. There are some other factors such as ozone, use4 of land, ...
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