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Assignment on Journalism

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Coverage Analysis
Coverage Analysis Coverage Analysis Introduction Safety and ethical news has traditionally important part of the coverage. At the same time, it was found that levels of fear in the population to be victims of crime do not always run in the same direction (or have the same intensity) as the curve marked by the ...
Press Release
Press Release [Name of the institute] Hand Washing Day to Fight Illness Hand Washing Day on March 10, 2013 in All Schools throughout the State The state department of health and wellness has taken the initiative to celebrate hand washing day. On 10th of this month all leading and eminent doctors, child specialists ...
Magazine Structure
Magazine Structure Magazine Structure Structure Front Cover The front cover will contain the magazine's name, edition, title of the featured article in the magazine, and a portrait of the featured article. Inside Cover The inside cover will have a full page ad of one of Glorgio Armanis' perfume. Beginning the magazine with an advertisement is a ...
Sourcing And Preparing Leads
Sourcing and Preparing Leads Sourcing of Newspaper Lead Thompson S. (2012) “Campbelltown ticket sales high despite US shooting at Batman movie” Local Mcarthur Chronicle News retrieved on August 3, 2012 from Local Mcarthur Chronicle July 23, 2012 Commentsthis lead contains enough information to give writer an idea and insight into what the news ...
Ngo Forum News
NGO Forum News NGO Forum News Introduction The press release provides a systematic and comprehensive report on the events and news. A reader gets a vague idea of the news by reading the head line. After the reader finishes reading the first paragraph of the news or press release, he now knows about ...
Interview Article
INTERVIEW ARTICLE Interview Article [Name of Writer Interview Article The name of the interviewee is Hadi Quaiyum. He has a bachelors and masters degree in Civil Engineering. Currently, he is heading a Division in the Dept. of Public Works and Transportation. The division comprises of civil engineers, IT engineers and Para-professionals skilled in critical ...
CREDIBILITY Credibility of the Articles Imperial Tobacco Company shareholders( “Imperial Tobacco Company Fights, Australia Tobacco Market” (from Smokers World) The writers of this article are one of those that are tend to be the fans or supporters of tobacco and its products; therefore it is quite evident that there writing will be of ...
Feature Writing Assignment
FEATURE WRITING ASSIGNMENT Feature Writing Assignment Intended Publication: Future of Fair Trade Magazine Intended Publication: Management Today Who'd be a graduate in 2012? A debate on the Graduates and Unemployment Since 21 is not what it was. Fresh out of college with a good degree under your belt, you can expect to be the world's oyster, ...
Defamation In Hong Kong
Defamation in Hong Kong Defamation in Hong Kong Introduction Oriental Press sued Uwants which is a famous forum of Hong Kong. Libel incident occurred on October 6, 2007, the Oriental Press Group lawsuit against Uwants forum defamation. Uwants forum in respect of defamatory statements made ??compensation for the damage caused by the ...
Living Organisms In All Five Kingdoms
LIVING ORGANISMS IN ALL FIVE KINGDOMS Living Organisms in all Five Kingdoms Name of the Writer Name of the Institution Living Organisms in all Five Kingdoms Introduction In the past, living organism was divided into two categories include animals and plants. The category of plants was considered to be stationary; whereas, animal's category included all living ...
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