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Assignment on Journalism

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Child Abuse
Child Abuse Child Abuse Child Abuse The twinkling laughter, sparkling eyes and innocent smiles are shattered due to the heinous act of abusing a little child. Daily several children are exploited and become the subject of abuse. The vulnerability of children makes them an easy target to strangers and even their family ...
Critical Book Review
CRITICAL BOOK REVIEW Critical Book Review Critical Book Review This critical review is for the book, 'Mass media and media policy in Western Europe' written by Peter J. Humphreys, which was published in the year 1996 by Manchester University Press. Introduction I appreciate the ways in which the writer has explored ways in which ...
Magazine Presentation
Magazine Presentation Magazine Presentation Introduction In the modern age of TV and internet, the press medium has slowly started to lose its charm up to some extent. Hence, it is very important for various sub domains in the press medium that includes magazines, books etc, to adapt affective marketing and advertising ...
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