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Computer Literacy

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Task 1 - Comparison of Hardware & Software of Tablet Computers1

Review of Brands of Tablet Computers1

Apple iPad Air1



HTC Flyer2



Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.13



Task 2 - Introduction of a Tablet Computer into Business Environment of Oxford University Hospital NHS Trust5

Case Study - Oxford University Hospital NHS Trust5

Business Situation & the Requirement for Tablet Computer Deployment5

Deployment of Tablets6

Outcomes of Tablet Deployment6



Computer Literacy


The purpose of this paper is to identify three different tablet brands and compare their software and hardware features. Additionally, this paper will discuss the introduction of tablet computers in the business environment of a hospital. Technologies of world wide web, internet and computing have given rise to enormous global opportunities which were not available previously for organizations or individuals. Similarly, tablet computers are applied in a wide range of fields and industries. A major reason behind popularity of tablets is its portability. Tablets come in a wide range of software and hardware architectures. The difference in these architectures creates a difference in their capabilities and functionalities.

Task 1 - Comparison of Hardware & Software of Tablet Computers

Review of Brands of Tablet Computers

Three different brands of tablet that will be compared in this study include HTC Flyer, Apple iPad Air and Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 (Hattersley, 2014, p. 1). These models of tablets will be compared with each other in terms of their hardware and software along with some of their features such as system chips and operating system.

Apple iPad Air

Apple Inc. designed and developed its fifth generation of iPad tablet computer by the name of Apple iPad Air in 2013. This iPad is more or less the same as iPad Mini. However, it has a thinner design as compared to iPad Mini.


Software of iPad Air is based on iOS 7.03. It has several preinstalled applications such as App Store, iTunes, Game Centre, Safari etc. IPad air acts as a hotspot with a few carriers as it is able to share its internet connection over USB, Bluetooth and Wi Fi.


iPad Air has an extremely high screen resolution with a screen size of 9.7 inches (Apple, 2011, p. 7). This tablet is the lightest in weight as compared to other brands of tablets. It has M7 motion coprocessor for sensing the motions and adjusting the screen accordingly. iPad Mini has dual camera with 1.2 Mega pixels. The device is installed with a 64 bit A7 chip.

HTC Flyer

HTC Corporation introduced its tablet computer by the name of HTC Flyer in 2011. It is tablet with multi-touch capability. It features an immersive 3-Dimensional user experience which brings all the favourite contents of user to life.


The operating system of HTC Flyer is based on Android platform. Android 3.2.1 is the basic software of this mobile (Alan, 2010). The user interface of this mobile is HTC Sense UI. The software does not only detect touch input but also detects pen input on this tablet. It has HTML5 support as well as Adobe Flash 10.3.


It has a 7" wide ...
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