Computer Literacy In Saudi Arabia

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Computer Literacy in Saudi Arabia

Computer Literacy in Saudi Arabia


Computers are used and owned by everyone. This is the advancement which makes everyone work faster and convenient. The evolvement of new technologies and advancements has made human lives luxurious and convenient. It has become a basic asset in everyone's life. It is the only tool that helps in transacting throughout the world. People are therefore able to spend and earn through computers. Computers have a tremendous affect on everyone's life. People have become so much dependent on computers that it is so hard to visualize our lives without it. Since the use of computer has become a part of routine life, therefore the need for computer education and addition of computer subject has become significant part of the curriculum1.

Thesis Statement

This research paper focuses on explaining computer education in Saudi Arabia.

Aims and Objectives

The aim of this research paper is to analyze computer education in Saudi Arabia as an initial point for an in-depth investigation of the advantages of computer education and an overall view of the education system in Saudi Arabia.

Overview of Education System in Saudi Arabia

Education Before the creation of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in 1932, education was limited to informal schools run by mosques. Small groups of students were taught Islamic laws, as well as reading and writing. Until 1956, there were no schools for girls; they receive their education at home. While this system is exclusively religious disappeared, the government maintained the importance of Islamic studies in the modern education system. Thus, according to Islamic law, boys and girls do not have the right to attend the same schools2. The Ministry of Education also provides separate budgets for schools for girls' and boys' schools. Nevertheless, the literacy rate was a quantum leap in Saudi Arabia since 1970, while the literacy rate was only 15% for men and 2% for women, a rate lower than that of Yemen and Afghanistan. Today, a nationwide public educational system of Saudi Arabia consists of twenty-eight, universities, more than 24,000 schools, and a large number of colleges and other educational and training institutions 3. The system provides students with free education, books and medical care and is open to every citizen of Saudi Arabia. More than 25 percent of the annual state budget for education including vocational training. Kingdom has also impacted the scholarship program to send students abroad to the United States, Canada, France, United Kingdom, Australia, Japan, Malaysia and other nations. Currently, thousands of students are sent to higher education programs each year. There is only one university in Mecca, Al-Umma University Kery, which was founded in 19814.

The study of Islam remains in the nucleus of the Saudi educational system. The Islamic aspect of the Saudi national curriculum studied in 2006 Freedom House report. The report found that in religious education classes (in any religious school); children are taught to condemn other religions, in addition to other branches of Islam. The Saudi religious studies curriculum is ...
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