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Computer Systems

Computer Systems

P.1.1: The role of computer systems in different environments


Computers are a General purpose machine, commonly consisting of digital circuitry, that accepts (inputs), stores, manipulates, and generates (outputs) data as numbers, text, graphics, voice, videofiles, or electrical signals, in accordance with instructions called a program (, 2013).

Role of computers is different environments

Computer revolution has transfigured our society. Almost in every disciplinary of life, CIS (computer information system) play an integral role. Computers have become an essential requirement for our daily living, imagining our modern life without computers is very hard to comprehend. All over the world individuals and organisations rely on computers for a diversity of uses i.e.; personal, social, banking, businesses, educational, hospitals, gaming, transportation, etc… To illustrate the scale at which computer systems are used in different environments is too vast. I have narrowed down my choices to 5 different environments; Hospital, Banking, Real-time, Business and Education environments. The following section takes you on a descriptive and graphic tour for my five chosen computer environments.

1.1.1: Hospital Environment

Hospitals are multifaceted institutions with departments and units coordinate towards the care for patients. They are becoming more dependent on the hospitals information system (HIS) for assistance with numerous tasks (, 2013).

Hospital Information System (HIS) is a widespread, cohesive, integrated system that is intended to maintain and support the organisations official documentations, financial reports, administration, Material Management and legal aspects of the hospital.

Also assist in storing patient information and medical history, prescriptions, radiology department, cardiology department, clinical management, operations and laboratory test results etc.

Role of computers in a Hospital environment has proven beneficial in so many facets. One is the transfer Electronic Health Records (EHR) to doctors and other medical facility. To better the flow of patient information for ease of access, improves patient care quality and patient safety over all. Another benefit is the usage of Electronic Medical Records (EMR) which helps the doctor prescribes medication efficient and accurately (, 2013).

In conclusion computers play a crucial and a very beneficial role in the hospital environment, it betters the chance of getting the proper treatment by providing patient health information more accurately when needed. Accuracy, speed and access to data, the computer information system, in this case hospital information system as transformed the healthcare industry.

1.1.2: Banking Environment

Banking Information Systems (BIS) has transformed the banking sector. Computers are used in the banking sector for a variety of reasons. They help banks save money and time by operating more accurately. Computers assist the banks by keeping track of customer account information, records banking transactions, produce bank reports, record staff details, payroll management, funds management etc…

Introduction of the Automatic teller machines (ATMs) reduces waiting time and queues at the banks. Online banking, telephone banking, mobile banking, video banking, debit and credit card services helps customers manage their money and time efficiently, (, 2013)

BIS saves time and has made it convenient for Customers to access their accounts, make deposits, pay bills online, and set up direct debits/standing orders anytime and ...
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