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Components of Computer Systems

Components of Computer Systems

Task 1:

Multiple methods are available for capturing data from unstructured documents (letters, invoices, email, fax, forms etc)! The list of methods identified below is not exhaustive but it is a guide of the appropriate usage of each method when addressing business process automation projects.

As well as considering the method of data capture, due consideration of the origins of the documents(s) that need to be captured must happen, to see if the documents are available in their original electronic format which, has the potential to massively increase data capture accuracy and remove the need for printing and scanning. Methods of capture from documents in electronic format are identified below.

Whenever a method of capture is considered, it is advisable in the first instance to consider the original documents, to determine if the document or form can be updated to improve the capture/recognition process and method. Investigation of the existing line of business systems, to determine what additional metadata can be extracted for free using a single reference, can provide significant advantages.

The correct method(s) of metadata capture for a particular business process automation project, will consider all the methods identified below and the use of one or a number may be appropriate.

Manual keying

Manual keying of metadata from unstructured data is appropriate for data that is received in low volumes and results in low levels of recognition by intelligent data capture products (IDR, ICR).

Offshore keying

Offshore keying of Metadata is most appropriate for the following reasons:

High volumes of individual documents where the level of recognition achieved using intelligent data capture products is low (can include documents with a high level of handwritten data).

Potentially capturing the data that has not been successfully captured using an Intelligent data capture product.

High volume of individual documents where the data to be extracted is ...
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