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Human Factors on Computing

Human Factors on Computing


Accounting software is considered as the heart of a company's success as data and information accuracy is the basic requirement for a company. It is important for the company to maintain an accurate, secure, timely and accessible set of data and information. It is very important for the business software within a company to facilitate its user with different functions like an easy access and analyses of data, management of efficient budget processes, assurance of security controls and regulatory compliance and development, accessibility and distribution of financial reports. Many companies face different issues based on limitations and deficiencies with their accounting software, so it is necessarily required for them to implement new accounting software. There are many things that have to be focused during the evaluation and implementation of new accounting software and among them the most the moist highlighted element is the price issue. Accounting software that is not that much expensive for the company but it is not able to perform its responsibilities is simply more expensive for the company in the long run of business practices. During the evaluation of new systems, it is very important to focus on all the different aspects in order to make the employees to thoroughly utilize the system for maximizing their technology advancement to its fullest.


For a small business or in that case when a business is at its initial stage then the only requirement of the company for an accounting system is to used it as an entry level with the minimum investment in configuration and training because functions of that software are much easier to understand and perform. This system is enough until the organization starts expanding its business by adding more employees. With the expansion, business practices turn out to be more complex to be supported with the existing accounting software (Accounting software in Australia 1994: the CPA's guide to accounting software, 2004).

When a business decides to implement new accounting software then many issues arise there based on the procedures of installation, configuration and testing of the new system. This also needs much time that has to be invested in order to focus potential enhancements in the existing business practices. it also requires efforts in training end users with the new technology and also in the migration of previous data record. This is the time, when the role of solution provider is the most significant one. It is the responsibility of the solution provider to perform the transition of employees involved for the old system to the new system and support them in bringing the growth and evolution to the system. While the selection of a new system, the selection of an efficient solution provider is also very important. In spite of the existing climate, accounting software helps in providing prosperous solutions. With the help of new accounting software, company is facilitated in several ways such as automated business practices and connects front and back office while offering business professionals more ...
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