Conceptual- Theoretical Model (Nursing Theory)

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CONCEPTUAL- THEORETICAL MODEL (NURSING THEORY) Conceptual- theoretical model (nursing theory)

Conceptual- theoretical model (nursing theory)

Theory is the concept of structure is a set of views and predictions described systematic phenomenon. One version, according to draft guidelines for modeling configuration. The model represents the element of the relationship between the individual elements with different structures, so the theory to explain the relationship between concepts and concepts that compose it to each other. Chinn added, Kramer (1999) "Knowledge Representation of structured creative ideas .... this project, the original view, decisive and systematic phenomenon exact" theory that defines (on page 258 .) Step theory of abstraction in terms of its scope.

Labels are often used at home, a wide range of grand theory, suggests that the most important areas related to discipline. Nursing is a great theory, how, mission and objectives (and Meleis, 1999) was born at the time of the movement. It has historical significance. Nevertheless, the importance of the theory behind the big story is affecting the management of discipline today and tomorrow. Nursing research, theory and critical theory to introduce the theory as a framework for large-scale medium-range, we discuss the theory of micro-series. As its name implies, this category theory, theory of a grand theory of upper and lower classes of micro-level of abstraction.

Middle of the ladder: Frameworks, theories and concepts

This concept is important to account for half of the ladder of abstraction theory and structure found. Can be defined, please imagine a half-section through a magnifying glass to reveal. Concept, and the lowest frame structure with high theoretical and abstract, can be compared with each other in terms of concept. However, others are closer to earth than some of the concepts. The same also applies to theories and frameworks. For example, the concept of Earth Care, close to the concept of pain. Different levels of abstraction in the idea of ??the scale, pay particular attention to the theory section, related to the concept and structure as it is.

Grand theory

In theory, the discipline of nursing and other fields to determine how different. Body of nursing knowledge and nursing theory problems (Feldman, 1998) to help develop specific human health, the environment, and reflects the particular vision of the other concepts. Grand theories usually include views on human health and the environment "all inclusive" concept of structure creates a form of care. This is a more abstract level, in theory, has developed a knowledge base for the discipline is essential to the development of new knowledge in the field.

Some nursing theorists often know that research forms the basis of the theory and practice. Rogers's theory (1990,1992) existing man (1995) Orem self deficit theory of von Neumann's health, expansion of consciousness (1997) theory of adaptation, Roy (1991) theory, Leininger in the science of cultural diversity The care and universality theory (1996) theory of the purpose of the King (1997), Human Evolution (1997), each of these basic theoretical analysis of the inches theoretical phenomenon of interest in nursing from different perspectives ...
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