Conflict Resolution

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Conflict Resolution

Conflict Resolution in an Organization

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Conflict Resolution in an Organization


Conflict is the disagreement between tow parties because of variability in needs, interests, or concerns. In this regard, the disagreement is the common factor being the conflict that rules within the organization. Conflict occurs because of misunderstanding that rules within the employees in an organization. The conflicts should be resolved in organization as the perception of employees should be changed for the peaceful work environment.

In this regard, definition of conflict causes of conflict and the sources of resolution of conflict would be discussed as the discussion proceeds. However, the role of international organization in conflict resolutions was highlighted in further discussion (Ariani, 2011). In this regard, the role of international organization such as NATO Expansion to add newer states and it involvement in international conflicts has increased its role in the international politics and today it holds a more decisive role in establishment of Western relationship with former military power Russia is highlighted as the discussion proceeds.

Definition of Conflict

In everyday work, people are always surrounded by conflict. These can be generated by situations such as stress, fear of change, failure in communication and personality differences. Conflicts can be of any kind, from small discussions on how best to carry out a process to large differences on the strategy of the organization. Whenever there is a difference of priorities or objectives, there is a conflict. To some extent, conflict is a sign of a healthy exchange of views and creativity. However, conflicts can be harmful and lead to disgruntled employees, decreased productivity, poor customer service, absenteeism and higher rates of staff turnover, greater stress related to work or - what is worse - litigation based on allegations of harassment or a hostile work environment (Ariani, 2011).

Causes of Conflict

In the workplace, a severe conflict was raised between the workers and the management on the grounds of poor compensation and pay structure. Both the parties had their own interests and none was ready to compromise over their demands. The workers maintained that their pay and compensation structure needs to be improved owing to the efforts and time they put in to make the business profitable whereas management was firm on their standing that it is not financially feasible for the company to raise the pay of all the workers. The problem in this situation is the conflict in the interests of the management and the workers (Davies, 2002).

This conflict between the management and the workers can be classified as the “interest conflict”. Since both the parties had differing needs and interests (Collins, 2009). In order to fulfill and meet the interest of one party, the interests of another party needs to be forgone. The level of this conflict is “inter-group” conflict since the conflict existed between the two groups which usually works together to make the business operate effectively and efficiently in order to achieve the company's objectives (Collins, 2009). Due to the differences in the interests, these ...
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