Confucianism, Taoism And Christianity

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Confucianism, Taoism and Christianity

Think about his meaning and how it might be similar or different than key ideas in seeking the highest good in both Confucianism and Christianity.

Religions are basically the guidelines that individuals must follow to achieve the highest good or the ultimate goal. Confucianism is a guideline for individuals to live their lives according to the ethics. The objective of the Confucianism is guide an individual in his or her life to live it ethically in the family circle and society. Whereas Christianity teaches its followers that human beings have sinned and they fall short of the splendour of God and human beings need salvation of God. Seeking highest good in Christianity involves in doing more than right things. It involves the moral recharging of mind, renewing the minds with the God's Words and implements it in the lives of the people (Christian followers). The similar thing among Confucianism and Christianity is that both religions teach human beings to live their lives in a better and peaceful manner. It also encourages those people who live their live morally and ethically and do good deeds. On the contrary the Christianity also emphasizes on the sins and salvation of God. Moreover Christianity also focuses on the forgiveness of the people. The love and faith is considered as the essence of Christianity. Love in Christianity identifies the love and mercy of the God and the man. If a follower of Christianity wants to achieve highest good he or she must have faith on the God and should love the creation of the God. Faith gives an individual importance in the eyes of the God. One of the main characteristics of Christianity is that it focuses on forgiveness and love for each other. Jesus taught that even enemies should be forgiven because ...
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