Contract and Procurement

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Contract & Procurement

Contract & Procurement


Managing and getting access to patient information is crucial for reducing costs and optimizing care. However, in majority of the cases, volumes of patient records are locked in document repositories and multiple systems, in different types of formats. There is no mechanism which allows easy accessibility and ability of sharing this information in an electronic format. Therefore, clinicians do not get a comprehensive view of the history, treatments, and diagnosis of patients on time. Therefore, it is necessary to procure an integrated software application in order to manage records and information of patients. There are several suppliers who offer services to develop software application for recording the important data of patients. It is crucial to select the best supplier for the development of software (Jain, 2009, p. 3015).


Determination of capabilities and requirements

Different types of surveys will be carried out in the hospital to find out the requirements of the software application. These surveys will contain questionnaires that will be close ended as well as open ended in nature. The questionnaires will be sent out to administrators, doctors, practitioners, surgeons, nurses, and other relevant staff of the hospital to find out what they do want the system to include. These are the people who will be using the patient record integrated software application. Therefore, their input would hold the crucial importance for the development of software. Questions would include the requirements and capabilities that the integrated software application should have. Questions would be regarding organization, access and security, searching and retrieval of the records of patients (Accenture, 2009). The responses would be analyzed using various tools. The questions that will have rating scales included in it, would be analyzed using statistical tools, such as SPSS. On the other hand, the open ended questions would be ...
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