Contract And Procurement Management

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Contract and Procurement Management

Contract and Procurement Management


Who is responsible for the poor performance of the Bolger contract?

The last chief buyer is responsible for the poor performance of the contract as he didn't reviewed all the clauses and projections of the contracts. As the costs were increasing, he left and let the cost increased. Further, the delay of completion is causing the opportunity costs for the company.

The supplier reporting conditions

Report is a major supplier to help manage the relationship between key roles. Along the supply chain has been regularly reported as the maintenance of the world's top supply chain. Report in this regard that this relates to the reporting culture and supplier process development.

What caused the production delays and cost miscalculations?

The design problems and innumerable changes brought for the final format and design of the prototype is causing problem. The cost calculations are delayed because the Bolger uses late system for costing of inventory that is revised and reviewed after three weeks.

Project evaluation and monitoring

Monitoring involves the collection and analysis of data on project activities. The data should be easy to collect and easy to understand. The focus of monitoring is to use the knowledge to correct and adjust the implementation and management of projects to achieve the objectives of the projects. Monitoring allows project participants to monitor project activities, to determine whether the project objectives are being achieved and make necessary changes to improve project performance.

The evaluation examines the outcomes and impacts of a project in terms of local and global environment and quality of life of participants. Through the evaluation, the project participants and others trying to understand and explain the effects of a project. The assessment is based on links between environmental problems, causes and solutions as identified in the proposed project and its design.

What can Kathleen Johnson do now to ensure completion of the project and prevent further problems?

With results-based approach she undertakes to obtain, by providing adequate tools and support needed, she can achieve the expected success and enjoy a balanced life. The two approaches that can lead organization to better performance and success of the contract are motivation and reward system, both to be based upon performance management.

The most comprehensive definition of motivation said to be a series of individual processes that encourage conduct for personal gain, or collective work. Motivation can be either positive or negative and may be both personal and professional and, often goes hand in hand with the other. Motivation can be: (A) Extrinsic: money, position, power. (B) Intrinsic: motivation is performed only by interest or pleasure to do it. The function of this psychological need is to encourage human beings to improve and master their environment. Motivation is important for any area, does apply in the workplace, you can get employees motivated to strive to do better in their work. A satisfied person who considers his work, transmits and enjoys serving customers, if that is ...
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