Project Procurement Management

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Project Procurement Management

Executive summary

ABC Company is huge giant in its market industry. Recently they are planning to cut their cost through development of a high energy efficient plant project. For which they have hired services of a consulting firm to identify to help them compete their project. Company policy is to conduct meetings on monthly basis, on September 2012 company found that James who is transferred to research department for this project is not clear about his idea and is not really willing to discuss his approach, therefore company decided to transfer back to his finance department and hire services of consulting firm which company usually does, after this decision Ito and Ben also approved $100,00 and one more additional month to the project as project ahs currently been running form last 4 months. Company has feel that it's high time to show results of the project to investors for keeping their investment with them, therefore they have decided to have services of Anne's consulting firm because Annie has performed exceptionally good in this project analysis and by following her approach company can save a lot in terms of energy efficiency. The term of the contract has been clearly identified, Anne is entitle to work about half -time earning $200/hour and other consultants who will be supporting her research and analysis is entitle to work 100 hours -time earning $150/hour. They all are required to perform their work virtually, however Anne is require to visit company on monthly bases for interaction with the management and to discuss findings with the then management for better understanding by both management and consulting firm. The contract tenure period is of 3 months and company holds the right of copyright and all other materials related to this analysis and research process.

Table of Contents

Executive summaryi


1. Consulting Services1

2. Compensation Method2

3. Independent contractor3

4. Method of indemnification3

5. Confidential3

6. More requirements4

Lessons Learned Report5




This Agreement is consist of two parties i.e. between ABC company and Anne's consulting firm starting from (Monday, 1 October 2012) and ending at (December, Monday 7 January 2012). The tenure of this contract is of three months and during these 3 months; Anne's consulting firm will not be allowed to work with any of our competitors in the industry. They can continue business in their respective other industries who don't have any direct or indirect link again with our competitors (Social text, 2004).

As the project is of very risky nature, no information sharing is allowed by Anne's consulting firm after or before the completion of this project tenure.

Following are the requirement that here by ABC Company and Anne's consulting firm agreed upon:

1. Consulting Services

Subject to the term and conditions of this agreement, the ABC Company consider consultant as consultant only, who provide services for which they are hired without involving them as partners in the business.

Consultant services here by means, offering services for data analysis which is going to provided by the company

Anne would be entitled to work about ...
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