Course Final Report: Overall Project Review

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Course Final Report: Overall Project Review

Reports Compilation and Analysis

Course Final Report: Task 1

In this report, the researcher has analyzed the environmental impact of coal. According to the researcher, the usage of coal has been applied in most of the significant projects where coal utilization is highly preferable as compared to the usage of oil and gas. Studies revealed that the usage of coal has a significant impact on the global climate. Companies should take a step forward to manage the results and results regarding serious environmental issue (Lewis, 2013).

This study also discussed that the environmental impact is not the fault of an individual level, and it cannot blame to the other party. According to the researcher, governmental agencies, entities and other mining companies are accountable to address these problems. Especially, it is considerable to the mining companies that implement the mining projects, but they do not show the responsible attitude towards the engagement of issues regarding environmental impacts (Franks et al., 2010).

For this purpose, researcher has highlighted several past literatures that discussed environmental issues and impacts, associated with the utilization, extraction and disposal of coal. The results of this study shows that the wastage of coal directly impact on the health of human-beings. That is the reason; the companies are utilizing oil and gas rather than coal. However, the impact of oil and gas industries is not very different, but somehow it reduces the critical impact of coal's wastage. Researcher has analyzed three more articles that reflect the “impact of disposal and treatment of coal mining”, “impact of oil and gas industry rivals that of coal”. Another study was highlighted by the researcher that reveals the relationship between the coal and the economy (Allen, 2009). The point is that a state or an economy cannot stop the usage of coal, but it can reduce the critical impacts of coal mining projects.

Course Final Report: Task 2

In this study, the researcher has analyzed the benefits of coal usage. The coal is the most vital natural resource exists on the earth, and it is used for the purpose of energy and fuels. Coal can be transported to many places and regions in the world. The most significant thing is that coal is the least inexpensive natural resource and fossil fuel. The overall paper highlights the benefits and how coal is useful for the development of an economy (Si et al., 2010). However, researcher also discussed some of the disadvantages of coal wastage such as underground coal mining reflects the dangerous way that may lead towards explosion. As well as, it leaves dangerous elements for human-beings.

The researcher has analyzed some positive impact of coal mining; helpful for locals in order to generate power, concrete and steel making utilize coal for the purpose of the fuel production, and iron is extracted from its ore.

The researcher revealed the escalating requirement of coal in the stage of Industrial Revolution. It furnishes the inducement for shaft plummeting in order to gain access to the reserves of deeper ...
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