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Cover Letter and Resume

Cover letter

XX07 Greenland Avenue

Phoenix, WA 88493-7742

August 12, 2013

Mr. John R. Smith

Human Resource Director

Hipkins & Company, Inc

2411 Drake Street

San Diego, California 92115

Dear Mr. Smith:

In regard with the advertisement placed in Dawn, 10th August, I am writing to apply for the position of an office manager. I reflect that my interests and qualifications match with the prerequisite candidate you are looking for.

I am currently in my last semester of my MBA program, with ABC University. I will complete my masters in marketing at the end of September, 2013. I believe my qualification and education till now will contribute to your company if employed as an office manager. Furthermore, my experience and other skills will help in attaining the aims and objectives of the company.

I acquire all the qualities that are mentioned in the advertisement such as communication skills, team player and depict flexibility. These competencies were executed during my graduation and different internship programs. I have conducted many presentations throughout my academic years and have enabled me to portray excellent presentation skills. I was able to manage my projects well, considering the teamwork efforts. I have shown team management skills when participating in various successful events such as seminars, conferences and many more.

Moreover, I have a good command on internet searching skills and have admissible knowledge of Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel. Having all these competencies and skills, I can effectively contribute in your corporation and help it to grow in future. I am a motivated, responsible and adaptable person seeking to learn office management. Other than this, I'm well organized and flexible in terms of working hours which furthermore makes me an ideal candidate.

Your company will help to gain the experience and work and give me a chance to be associated with a well reputable organization. I would like to be part of your organization as I feel that your organization would make me excel. I am dedicated in what I do and do not lose my working capabilities under stress but work responsibly to lead the situation out of crisis. I am convinced that my qualification, experience and background would make me best fit for the vacancy available of the office manager.

I will call you on Thursday, 22nd August, to assemble a private meeting and talk about the job description and have a closer look on the environment of the company. I am looking forward to discuss the position with you in more detail and I'll be available from 10 am to 7 pm. I value your contemplation and hope to avail the opportunity that you will offer me. Thank you for your consideration.


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Address: 123 ABC Road, City, United States Of America,

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Career Objective

To achieve a capable position within a respectable and most reputable organization to challenge myself, this will provide my career with integrity, agility and capability of working with the intention that I could tap maximum potential from my thoughts and utilize my ...
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