Critic Essay - Technology

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Critic Essay - Technology

Critic Essay - Technology


There is a huge impact of technology on society. While considering the vaccinations, plow or the internet, technology has great impact on society. Technology brings great advancements in social as well as in individual's life. Continues advancements in the field of technology have brought many changes globally. Today the society is changing itself constantly by the advancements in technology. Technology has dramatically improved the society and changed the life by making it easier. It is a fact that technology has not just the good impacts on our society but it also hurt the norms of society in many ways. The famous American author Postman describes the impacts of technology on each individual as well as on the whole society. Postman describes the characteristics and development of a technopoly in his book “The Surrender of Culture to Teachnology”. He explains technopoly as a society in which people are more dependent on technology and they feel satisfaction and honor in technology.

Thesis statement

As much as technology has its negatives, a person who does not embrace it is like an island where no one can survive.


Technology has greatly affected the lives in current era. People have become more dependent on technology even for their daily requirements. It has huge impacts in every field of life including education, medicine, agriculture, communication and on every aspect of life. The famous American author, Postman critically describes the impacts of technology on today's life. According to his point of view technology has huge negative impacts but the person, who does not accept the importance of technology, cannot survive without it. In his famous book, technopoly: The Surrender of Culture to Technology, he clearly describes the role and impacts of technology on the society. He explains technopoly as a state of mind or a state of culture. Technopoly consists in the adoration of technology; it means that the culture feels satisfaction and honor in technology and plan their work according to technology.

This needs the development of a new type of social order, and of requirement leads to the closure of much that is related to the traditional values. The ones who are comfortable in Technopoly are those people who believe that technical progress is the extra ordinary achievement of the humanity. They considered technology as the way by which their problems may get solved (Burton,1992). In technopoly: The Surrender of Culture to Technology, the author explains a very healthy and balance idea of how we should take the introduction of upcoming technologies and how we should use those technologies in order to make full advantage of them (Postman,1993)

Impacts of technology on education

Technology has huge impacts on the education. The explanation of advancements in technology is incomplete without explaining it s impacts on educational system. The progress in the field of education depends upon the mentality of people, whether they want to improve and change their mind or not. Most of the people often think about the education system based on schools ...
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