Current Issues In Healthcare

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Current Issues in Healthcare

Current Issues in Healthcare


The purpose of this study is to expand the boundaries of our knowledge by exploring some relevant information relating to the analysis of current healthcare issues in United States. The literal meaning or definition of Healthcare entails the broad spectrum of health related services, which the health professionals, such as qualified doctors, nurses, paramedic staff and other related individuals render to the people. These health professionals render their services for preserving the health of a common man; by safeguarding them form the numerous illnesses or physical adversity. These services range from the diagnosis of the illness or injury, to the proper treatment, cure and after treatment services, provided either in a medical vicinity or even at the patient's home (Williams, 2011). In this paper, the author selects problems that currently exists in our healthcare system and analyze its implications on our healthcare system.

Defining the Problem

The health system in the United States is characterized by its contradictions and complexity. On one hand, the U.S. has the latest technology, including many of the best medical schools, clinics, hospitals and research centers. However, many of the U.S. health resources are never available to much of the population. The great American contradiction is that despite of having one of the large, expensive and complicated health systems in the world, there are still more than 42 million Americans have no access to minimum health resources (Sparer, 2006).

The debate over the health system is increasing every year, while the problems of the system are affecting more and more citizens. The three biggest problems in the health system are (Colling, 2010):

the administration of the social security system,

political influence on the reform proposals

and the contradiction between the cost of the health system and the services it offers.

Perhaps the biggest problem of the health system in the United States is that access to a universal health care system is not considered a human rights issue. In U.S., the health system is seen as another business, subject to the laws of the free market and political manipulation. This report discusses three problematic aspects of the health system in the United States. The main objective of this report is to present the problems of the health system in the United States and provide suggestions and recommendations to improve the health systems. The paper will focus on 3 aspects of US healthcare system, it includes:

health as a human right

the problems of the health system in the United States,

and the American health care system compared to other systems worldwide.

Literature Analysis

USA fortunately is amongst the few developed countries of the world that possess all the required and desired facilities in the healthcare and medical department. There exists no doubt about the fact that the services provided by the healthcare system of America, is substantially advanced, prompt and rather reliable; and the government is playing a pivotal role in furnishing this domain with even more facilities and resources (Sparer, ...
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