Cyber Security Compliance Environment

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Cyber Security Compliance Environment

Cyber Security Compliance Environment

Similarities of Compliance Environments of the United Health Care Group

A significant increase in the use of information technology in today's world leads on one side to create an information society, accelerate communication and great service development and the whole society. Dependence of the United Health Care Group and its operations to information technologies is rapidly increasing, and in all areas (not just on information society services, but also the functioning of information systems, whose correct functioning depends on a number of basic services such as traffic management, energy transfer and exercise of public authority , etc.). With the increasing dependence on information technology, United Health Care Group increases the risk of abuse of these technologies, which has a large impact on the organizations that work with them and can potentially lead to significant damage.

The transfer of medical records by United Health Care Group to an electronic medium has shown to have both positive and negative qualities. The positive aspect of electronic records in the United Health Care Group system is that it is easier to organize and less likely to be misplaced, as well as being available to travelers who will not need to bring copies of their records, in the event they need medical attention. United Health Care Group is aware of the fact that attacks against information technologies are increasingly sophisticated and complex. In the realm of direct economic benefit to the individual attackers attacks move in an organized cyber industrial espionage and cyber terrorism (Brandl, 2012). Attackers are increasingly focusing on the elements of critical infrastructure such as healthcare information systems of United Health Care Group.

Ensuring cyber security law is one of the key challenges of United Health Care Group. The company is well aware and in compliance with the infinity and omnipresence of cyber threats that require strong international cooperation and intensive efforts to ensure cyber security. Cyber ??security is and will be one of the defining aspects of the security of the United Health Care Group.

United Health Care Group is no longer completely dependent on the proper functioning of information and communication systems. The compliance cyber security makes the creation and development of a competitive society based on the use of advanced technologies and the correct functioning of the information society (Hamaker, 2006). Information society services and related facilities and activities are one of the fastest growing sectors of any modern economy, the performance of which depends on the success. Security of Cyberspace of United Health Care Group becomes criterion for investors and significantly affects the competitiveness of the country.

Legislation to Regulate the Internet

Normative legal acts is complied by United Health Care Group which is aimed at regulating legal relations associated with using the Internet, are subject to mandatory preliminary discussion of self-regulatory organizations polzovatele1 and operators of Internet services, and should take into account the opinions of these organizations made based on such discussions. Moreover, normative legal acts adopted by United Health Care Group in accordance with the ...
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