“declaration Of Sentiments “

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“Declaration of sentiments “

Not long ago, in the nineteenth century, our ancestors say in the Declaration of Independence "that all men are created equal," held little value. Human equality is far from reality.

She is the only girl in her class, which is unheard of in those days the most. Even if women do not go to school, their "feminine" things like how to run the family, no advanced math and science courses, learning, like her in. She then further education institutions is very prominent in her education, Emma Willard Troy University. After that, she with her father, who is a New York Supreme Court law. It was her understanding that discrimination against women have been raised about the training.

Many women do not find that dissatisfaction with the issue of confrontation, they were, however, the right to vote terrible problem. They believe that this is just too radical. Stanton, however, she acknowledged the importance of early life, political, and because of her father. She knew, without voting rights, or political recognition to the status of women is unlikely. Stanton and Susan B · Anthony as Lucy Stone, and living in truth, other organizations who Seneca Falls Women's Convention, there is great hope that this convention would lead to "embrace every part of the country a series of conventions . "& which in the end what happened. Women's rights convention was held in 1850 until the Civil War (Gurko 27 days) began a regular basis. This is a civil war, the movement suffered setbacks. The main focus of political reform, civil war after the predominantly black vote. The impact on women in politics is very hard, so struggle. Abolitionists, including women and allies to fight and feel that they put their women back. The hope of abolishing the death penalty has nothing to do with women's struggle for freedom, until their rights are protected. It is in this, to realize that, to obtain the right to vote is their most important focus of women's time.

At this point, "women's rights" into the "women's vote" (Dubois 88) is almost synonymous. Although the abolitionist coalition has been broken, this disaffiliation refueling fires women re-evaluate the substance of them, as well as the form of women's suffrage movement. Their argument is no longer "universal suffrage", the political participation of women's dissatisfaction with the actual lives of women. Stanton brought attention to sexual exploitation of women, the nature of marriage and divorce, the need for reform (Dubois 94). In his speech, she said, she in 1875, "Family Life" to provide political equality between the exploitation and need to be connected. Again, I will discuss in more detail this speech, and later in my paper. Elizabeth Stanton's criticism is not a stranger. Later, she introduced many in the movement, and many critics will say that the great leader of the discredited (Figure 159) of her responsibilities controversial beliefs. Stanton believes that organized religion conservative social impact, leading to tolerance and to submit the authority, ...
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