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The Suitability Of E-Commerce Solution


The Suitability of E-Commerce Solution

The Suitability of E-Commerce Solution

By analysing the flowchart, the following are the different aspects analysed regarding the e-commerce solutions in this paper.

Disadvantages of E-Commerce Solutions

For a normal transaction of sales physically, seller sends goods via shipping that might take a lot of days, weeks or even more. It clearly reflects that one cannot send products like fresh fruits, vegetables or any dairy products. Nobody wants to have stale bread or expired milk to his door. As shipping cost is directly associated to weight of the product, therefore if a person sells a sofa, bed or any other heavy furniture to someone across continent, the shipping cost would be a lot expensive. Another disadvantage of the e-commerce solution is that, one may create an online store quite easily (Nissanoff, 2006: 200-246). With the help of tools like word press, one can create the website within 5 minutes. One may observe an intense competition in such B2C ecommerce market. Therefore in the same way it is quite difficult to attract customers in order to buy the products from one source or entity and not from others. Another disadvantage to the e-commerce solution is the time of delivery. It is not like an individual is walking out of the store with the required product. As in case of e-commerce, it takes time to deliver product.

Trust is the main factor that counts in e-commerce business functions. One would not be able to know the exact type of products or items they are purchasing along with the quality and condition of the product. Last but not least the consumers always hesitate in doing an online transaction because of security concerns.

Advantages of E-Commerce Solutions

One of the main advantage of e-commerce solution is that it is opened 24/7. Even if seller is sleeping, one can visit the online store and do the sales transaction. The e-commerce solutions benefits to all those individuals who finds less time for shopping. There might be no requirement of coming out of houses along with no restrictions of timings to shop. Another advantage is that, one can easily manage an online store almost anywhere he/she wants. A seller can sell almost every thing through e-commerce solutions. Many operations can be automated with the help of e-commerce solutions. For e.g. navigations and selection of different items, payment concerns and updated models all required short time browsing (Cope, 2009: 25-50). The cost of business promotion with respect to e-commerce solutions is quite lesser than the other ways of promoting commerce. This cost efficiency builds it a boon for the merchants as well as vendors. Additionally, the maintenance of the e-commerce websites is not required very much unlike the real time shops.

Overall, the e-commerce solution has provided an easier & simpler way of doing business across globe.

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