Empirical Research: Drugs

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Empirical Research: Drugs

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Drug abuse is known to be the most serious problem worldwide. However, this problem has become even worse in case of Asian countries. The following empirical research has been conducted to study various aspect of the problem. The study highlights the role of organizations and agencies in controlling the possession and the trafficking of the drugs. for this reason, some of the South Asian were selected to conduct a research. The main focus of the research is to study about the laws and regulation for the control of drug abuse along with the information about the most widely abused drugs in the selected region. Treatment opportunities and the procedures have also been covered in the research.

Empirical Research: Drugs


The comments, like “Nothing comes in the way of me and my coffee”, are very common in everyday conversation. These comments accentuate the powerful effect of drugs, such as cocaine, on the lives of people. Psychoactive substances reign in our society that gradually modify the disposition and entwine discernments about the substances that can lift and calm people's moods (Beck, et al, 1993). Young people are more prone to the use of these substances than the elderly. The reason behind the fact is young boys and girls are under frequent pressure of teenage problems, or because their parents are consistently reprimanding them not to use drugs (Carroll, 1997).

The study highlights the physiological and psychological effects of the substances frequently used by the people. The study also explores the classification of drugs and substances done by the health professionals. Drug abuse is undoubtedly the universal and the most serious social problem. It is pertinent to cope with this vice of the society by taking some necessary measures to eradicate its supply and demand. With this, it is also essential to design and implement wide range of policies in medical, criminal, economic and welfare areas. Studies and surveys show that there are a number of drug-abuse prevention centers, but they are only helpful when they are reciprocally coalesced and assimilated (Carroll, 2001).

Purpose of the Study

The purpose of the study is aimed at highlighting the use of drugs and substance along with the risk factors and the psychological problems associated with it. The study also encompasses the introduction of integrated approaches, so that supply and demand of illegal drugs, along with their abuse can be reduced to the minimal.

Supply and demand of drugs is regulated by drug related laws, their implementation, and the imposition of punishment for the abuse, cultivation, smuggling and manufacturing. These factors have been proved effective in eliminating the illegal supply and demand of drugs. The research claims that the integrated approaches, apart from the imposition of punishment, are equally essential and useful, such as early intervention programs in schools, the severance of drug traffickers from the drug users with the help of law enforcement agencies, and the provision of drug abuse prevention and treatment programs within accessibility of a common man.


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