Employee Task Training /On The Job Training

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Employee Task Training /On the Job Training

Employee Task Training /On the Job Training


Businesses and organizations worldwide operate on the brunt of one and only one asset. The Employee. Low level, High Level, menial staff member, high ranking management official, all of them are classified as employees. Employees or workers are those people who work for the organization. It is they who work on the tasks and run the place. The owner of any business or organization is usually only responsible for investment and management, but it's the employees who actually run the place. Competent and skilled employees are a valuable commodity and all organizations and businesses are eternally on the hunt for these people. They prove to be an asset that cannot be measured in terms of cash. How does one become a competent and skilled employee? There are only two things which get a person classified under the competent and skilled and sought after category. Experience and know-how. These are the two major factors which make an employee outstanding. However, this does not mean that only previously experienced and knowledgeable people are hired into organizations. If that were so, after a few years all the industries would shut down due to lack of employees. The pre-requisite of the job would be experience, and to get experience one would need to have a job. Everything would shut down after the passing of one generation. That is why; fresh young blood is hired almost all the year round in companies, especially small ones since they cannot afford to pay large sums of money to the more experienced employees.

When fresh employees are hired there arises a necessity of training them in order to perform their tasks according to the organizations standards and requirements. Maybe even basic training will be required, e.g. use of heavy machinery in construction. Even though machinery usage is a part of the job description, since it is not available normally, the new recruits will be untrained and have to be taught from scratch about their usages. There are a variety of methods which are used to train new recruits. One is the employees are given formal workshops and seminars, as well as provided with documented and printing instructions, guidelines and other materials. The other is Task Training or On the Job training meaning the newbie's don't go through formal training sessions or workshops, instead they are taught the basics while going live. These new workers are taken under the wing of the existing employees and are shown the ropes while working on actual client orders. I chose this topic because of three major reasons, first because it is one of the biggest concerns of organizations, since it directly influences the increase in the costs for the organization; secondly it is an approach which merits research so as to identify whether it is not better to get the employees through formal workshops or trainings. Thirdly to see how it impacts the employees ...
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