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Essay on English

The most common subject that is being taught in schools and colleges is English. It is included as an important part of course syllabus in order to enhance not only vocabulary but to improve the overall comprehension as well. For the reason, Researchomatic is offering a wide range of English essays that will help individuals in writing their own essays.

Settling Down
CULTURAL ESSAY Cultural Essay Introduction The essay is a reflection of a famous essay written by Scott Russell named 'settling down'. The essay reflects the whole picture of the belonging of the roots, as well as, the deeply cultivated part of human soul that leads to the alignment of the values of human ...
Are Mobile Phones Dangerous?
DISCURSIVE ESSAY Are Mobile Phones Dangerous? Are Mobile Phones Dangerous? Introduction Mobile phones have long been criticized for the dangers that they pose to the human health, as well as, the environment. There have been a number of researches that studied the harmful effects of the mobile phones. It is generally believed that ...
The Race for Smartphone Supremacy
Persuasive Essay - Product Persuasive Essay - Product With rapid advances in the field of technology, the race for smartphone supremacy has become onerous and ever-lasting. Over the years, smartphones have practically redefined the dimensions of technological limitations, boasting a better camera, sharper and more vibrant display, more dynamic and streamlined aesthetics, ...
Transportation In Atlanta
Argument Essay: Transportation in Atlanta Introduction Like many other thickly populated cities of the World, Atlanta has been facing serious transportation issues for the period of last few years. General public as well as business leaders claim that traffic congestion is one of the major hindrances in the city for their progress. ...
Describing Objects
English 12 English 12 Reflection #1 -Describing Objects A newborn baby New born babies are cute, soft, chunky, having vivid eyes and glowing skin. With their fresh look they bring bundle of joys and happiness in the lives of most people around them. It has been observed that new born babies are ...
Shakespeare’s Sonnet 18
Shakespeare's Sonnet 18 Shakespeare's Sonnet 18 Sonnet 18 “Shall I compare thee to a summer's day?” is from a collection of 154 sonnets that were officially published in the year 1609 under the name Shakespeare's sonnets. Sonnets usually consists of 14 lines with the first three quatrains having four verses that have ...
The Triangle Fire Of 1911
The Triangle Fire of 1911 The Triangle Fire of 1911 Introduction Workplace safety refers to a company's working environment and encircles all the factors which have an impact on the health and safety of the employees (Hillstrom & Hillstrom, 2002). However, the history is evident of many incidents which are heart shattering and ...
Sexual Abstinence
Sexual Abstinence Sexual Abstinence Comments About the Website The website 'TEENHEALTHSOURCE' mainly highlights the health concerns and the general health issues faced y the teenagers these days, combined with the answers to most important and often repeated questions related to the sexual health of teenagers. It should be noted that the number of ...
Let The People Decide
Let the People Decide Let the People Decide Introduction The author Moye's has transcribed the racial democracy in Sunflower Country. The book Let The People Decide choose the context of those who combat for racial democracy, a fight for African-American people. local disturbance at the moment when Vann Wood, the leader ...
Edgar Allen Poe ("the Tell-Tale Heart")
Edgar Allen Poe ("the Tell-Tale Heart") Edgar Allen Poe ("the Tell-Tale Heart") The famous story The Tell-Tale Heart was based on true inceptions. The main epitome of this poem is based on an anonymous person who loves an old man but was fear with his horrifying eyes. This story signifies ...
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