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Essay on English

The most common subject that is being taught in schools and colleges is English. It is included as an important part of course syllabus in order to enhance not only vocabulary but to improve the overall comprehension as well. For the reason, Researchomatic is offering a wide range of English essays that will help individuals in writing their own essays.

The Neglect Of The Elderly
The Neglect of the Elderly The Neglect of the Elderly Introduction It has been estimated that one million to two American's of the elderly category, as they are older than the age of 65 have been abused, exploited and neglected by an individual they had trusted. The standards for the level of ...
Application Essay
APPLICATION ESSAY Application Essay Application Essay My name is Zahra Abdullahi and I have a Bachelor's of Arts degree in Integrative Counselling from the Newham University Centre. I am an easily approachable person, who possesses a polished and professional demeanour and an ability to communicate at all levels. In addition, I am an ...
Octavia Vs. Cleopatra
Octavia vs. Cleopatra Octavia vs. Cleopatra Introduction The two people I am selecting for comparison and contrasting are Cleopatra and Octavia. Octavia the Younger or Octavia Minor was the fourth wife of Mark Antony and sister of Augustus, the first Roman Emperor. Her links to the great families continue when she became the ...
Analysis Essay
Analysis Essay Introduction The Things They Carried by Tim O'Brien deals with the responsibility, remorse, and the isolation and loneliness soldiers went through the war of Vietnam, chiefly due to the emotional immaturity of the soldiers. It is a work of fiction in which O'Brien "invents and embroiders material based on his ...
Exemplification Essay - Many Of Today's Driver Have Dangerous Habits
Exemplification Essay - Many of Today's Driver have Dangerous Habits Introduction The individual at the steering wheel is not only responsible for the success of the commute, but also for the lives of the others on board. In addition, there is a responsibility that is mutually present and shared amongst all those ...
English Composition
English Composition Question 1) Buying a Used Car vs. Buying a New Car Buying a car is a thrilling experience. It marks a step into adulthood, shows that you are willing to take on responsibility and that you can finance yourself. Unfortunately, since every individual is not a millionaire, investing in a ...
Love Letter
LOVE LETTER Love Letter Love Letter Darling [Your GF's name here], Last night I had the strangest dream. I was walking along a deserted avenue in the dark cloudy night, forsaken, desolate and miserable. I didn't know where I was headed, what path I was walking along or what my goal was. ...
Drinking And Driving
Drinking And Driving Drinking And Driving Introduction Drunk driving is a one of the life taking phenomenon that has taken many lives around the globe. Despite of laws rules and regulations, there is increase in the deaths caused by drunk driving. Especially the young people are mostly killed in these accidents. The ...
Reflective Essay
Reflective Essay Reflective essay The selection of research methodology definitely depends upon the research proposition and objective of the research paper. If the researcher is trying to check which group of individuals like his creativity or if one wants to check which form of media advertising is affective among people then ...
Measure Of A Leader
Measure of a Leader Measure of a Leader Introduction Transformational leadership, also called the new leadership, is the leadership style that brings about a positive change in the followers by enhancing their motivation, lifting up their morale and improving their performance through a variety of mechanisms. Transformational leaders by exemplifying passion, enthusiasm ...
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