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Loss and Trauma in “Regeneration” and “The Night Watch”

Theme of Trauma and Loss in Novels3

Homosexuality in Sarah Waters Work3

Loss of Identity for Kay4

Kay and Her Post War Traumas4

Duncan and His Character5

Viv and Her Traumatic Love Life5

Helen and Her Troubles6

Helen's Troubled Relationship with Julia6

Treatment of the Novel7

Regeneration Loss and Trauma7

Psychological Effects of First World War8

Pain and Agony of the Soldiers8

Sassoon and His Disregard for War9

Medical Abuse and Agony9

Themes Discussed in the Novel9

Fictional Characters Prior and Sarah Lumb10

Romance Brewing Due to Trauma and Loss10

Rivers and His Exhaustion from War10

Role of Women in Novel11


Loss and Trauma in “Regeneration” and “The Night Watch”

Theme of Trauma and Loss in Novels

The theme of trauma can be seen in both of these novels. Interestingly, both of these novels discuss the theme of loss and trauma that was being felt after the wake of 1st and Second World War. The night watch provides more personal perspective of the events that culminated after the Second World War. The premises of the novels is set in 1940's, Night watch presents the story of three women who are homosexuals (Murray, 2001, p.241). The story does not necessarily reflect on the issues that were being confronted after the Second World War. It talks about their individual losses and traumas as well as their inhibitions and their fears.

Homosexuality in Sarah Waters Work

The homosexual themes are pretty much recurrent in the previous works for Sarah Waters, as she had discussed about the way lesbians behave in certain manner as well as their inhibition. While the sexual content is bit toned down in this novel as compared to some of the previous workers of the novel, it still has sexism as its basic themes (Fischer, 2013, p.16). Thus it does well as far as bringing down the typical stereotypes that are related with homosexuals as well as the way these people battle their inner demons. Thus all the main protagonists of the novel gain immediate sympathy due to the circumstances that are surrounding them.

Loss of Identity for Kay

The wartime experiences of these people and how their lives are connected is the central theme of the novel. One of the main characters in the novel Kay is in search of her identity due to the post war events (O'Callaghan, 2012, p.37). There is certain irony in her mannerisms, and she has this air of mystery about her. Unlike some of the previous work of the writer, it can be seen that this time around, the characters are not relatable that easily. So there is definite change in the writing structure of Sarah Winter.

Kay and Her Post War Traumas

Kay spends most of her time locked in her room. So one can feel that there she is really lonely. As it is discussed in the novel, she is not really social interactive, one could feel that she was not really feeling the part of the crowd and she was exhausted. In fact one can see that there is sense of dryness about ...
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