Environmental Issues

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Environmental Issues

Environmental Issues

Aral Sea

The Aral Sea was one of the fourth largest seas in the world. Several years ago, the northwestern parts of Uzbekistan as well as Southern Kazakhstan were covered by massive sea. The formation of this sea occurred when the water was retreated from a big island. As a result, a broad plain was left that consisted of highly saline soil. As a result of the retreating, different ancient remains disappeared. However, the only remained was a big inland sea. This sea was known as Aral Sea. The unique aspect of the sea was that it had no channels connected to it. The Amu Darya River and Syr Parya feed into the Aral Sea. These rivers used to supply fresh water to the sea to keep the salt levels in a perfect balance (Aladin, Plotnikov & Potts, 1995).

The disaster of the Aral Sea occurred because of different factors. One of the factors that triggered the disaster was the Soviet Central government. In the year 1960, the decision of making Soviet Union self-sufficient in cotton was made. The decision was also made to increase rice production. In order to implement these plans, the government of Soviet Union issued the order for taking out additional water. The decision resulted in arising problems for the Sea. The loss of organic life and sea food also affected people who used to live near the Aral Sea.

Civilian Conservation Corps

The Great Depression that occurred in the early part of the 20th century lead to many hardships and drastic decisions. At the time, the President of the United States was Delano Roosevelt. The President decided to infiltrate the country by using government money for the purpose of creating jobs. The president also aimed to use money for the betterment of the country. One of the ways that were used to create jobs at that time was Conservation Corps.

The Civilian Conservation Corps was developed in the year 1933. The purpose of its development was to conserve wilderness. The Civilian Conservation Corps also aimed to provide more jobs to young people of the country. This program was a part of the Roosevelt's New Deal Programs. The aim of the program was to overcome depression that prevailed in the country. The Civilian Conservation Corps hired men from the age group of eighteen to twenty five years. The job responsibilities of these people included planting trees, building parks, performing timber culturing, and others (Jr & Cole, 1986).

The Civilian Conservation Corps also set up camps all over the country. Many of those camps were developed in the Western Virginia. There were eight different camps in the Valley of Shenandoah. One of these camps was North River Camp. This camp was also known as Mount Solon Camp. This Camp was first established in the year 1933. The camp was created by around one hundred and sixty eight men. People employed for the camp were first asked to clear the camp and develop quarters for ...
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