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Drinking Water and Waste water Treatment

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This paper is about drinking and waste water treatment. It gives the detail view that how the drinking water treated since ancient times till present. Waste water treatment is the recent phenomena and in this paper the brief of the waste water treatment is also present.

Drinking Water Treatment

The treatment of drinking water is in practice since ancient times from Egyptians, Greeks and Romans. Romans did a lot of work for water treatment. They had good treatment plants which repeated by US government in the 18th century (Cech, 2010)

In the 15th century scientists invented different methods, which enhance the quality of drinking water treatment and in the following centuries, they invented more successful treatment plans. In the mid, of 18th and 19th century private companies also started the treatment for drinking water. In 1804, in Scotland the first water treatment plant settled for the entire town. Since that time till present, different, new methods and procedures introduced for drinking water treatment like desalination, reverse osmosis. The prime example of desalination can be found in the Middle East where 7500 desalination plants are working (Cech, 2010).

Although, desalination is common in countries like Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, UAE and in other gulf countries but, it also has some problems like the affordability of desalination plants, high energy consumption by the desalination plants and the waste produced by the desalination processes (Zuane, 1997).

In USA, there is a set procedure for the drinking water treatment and USEPA is look after for this. This process is as follows:

The quality of fresh water should be maintained which is in lakes, rivers, ponds and fountains (Cech, 2010).

Then, the intake of water occur which means the raw water transports to the treatment plants.

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