Environmental Quality In 2030

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The Environmental Quality In 2030

The Environmental Quality In 2030


Today no one doubts the growing importance of tourism as an engine of economic and social development of peoples. In an increasingly globalized world in which national boundaries are diluted, the sector is undoubtedly a powerful tool for integration of countries and people. From the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) predicts an increase in tourism in the world at rates between 5% and 7%, with a forecast, in 2030, 1,600 million tourists, up from 760 million today. As for America, tourism is one of the great industries. Accounts for more than 11% of GDP and accounts for about 12% of employment, with about 1.7 million Social Security members within the sector and related sectors. Tourism is also an important source of foreign currency, offsetting more than 50% of trade deficit, and is a powerful instrument of social and regional integration. The WTO expects world growth of between 5% and 7% annually until 2030

America is, in fact, a world tourism power. In 2004 we ranked second in the world rankings in terms of number of tourists, with around 53 million and a half that visited our country, being surpassed only by France. We, likewise, the second country in the world in tourism revenue, with more than 36,000 million euros in 2004, preceded only by the USA. These results have continued in the first quarter of 2005, with a significant 5% increase in the number of tourists and a slight reduction of 0.8% of revenues in the first three months of the year.


The Government is aware of this importance, has devoted a Council of Ministers in a special way to tourism, studying the situation and prospects of this sector and agreeing about twenty measures, along with others that have been implemented since the beginning of the legislature, and those continue to be adopted, aimed at contributing to the ultimate objective that we remain leaders in an area so crucial to the American economy. Today, we face an ever-changing and difficult, with the emergence of new competing destinations with America. Therefore, we must join efforts between the various administrations and the private sector. It is necessary consensus and dialogue between all sectors involved to make tourism continues to contribute to sustained and balanced growth of our country, responding to consumer demand, and providing quality parameters that distinguishes us from other destinations.

Given this analysis, the government is promoting sectoral dialogue and has taken concrete measures to strengthen the foundation of our tourism industry of the future. Tourism is a competitive industry, but must make the necessary adjustments to remain competitive in the international market and to get out of the profound changes taking place in the sector. Some important changes that make our tourism model evolves apace.

The tourist of today not only by price select your destination, but also gives great importance to intangible factors. He no longer seeks only "sun and beach", but comes to our country to enjoy a rewarding experience, ...
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