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Business Environment and Quality Management

A Quality Technique: Six Sigma

Six Sigma is a quality technique which can be defined as, “elimination of defects from every product.” Defect can be something related to goods or services. For example, there are not enough people serving hundreds of customers at the bar. This technique used a number of approaches of quality to improve the processes of delivering products and services in the organizations. It can also be expressed as, “define, measure, analyze, improve and control. These steps are considered by organizations to know how efficient and well their processes are operating on a daily basis. Terminology of Six Sigma is designed to enable people thinking about their products, services and business that they are going well or not. It is about making better products and services and improving customer satisfaction at an affordable cost (, 2008).

Implementation of Six Sigma is vital for any kind of business for achievement of competitive status in the rapidly changing modern market. Most organizations implement this quality technique to improve and increase levels of accountability and sustainability throughout operation cycle. This explains the importance customer satisfaction which is one of the major goals of any organization. These techniques defined opportunities, analyze performance, measure performance, control performance and improve performance through continuous harmonization and analysis of operation of any functioning business departments.

One of the principal aspects for success of Six Sigma implementation is a selection of the right provider of training. Research should be conducted for matching learning life style of employees, budget of organization and it will be counted as a highly reputable .it is highly controlled process. It prefers only to choose best projects that meet objectives and strategies of the company. It deserves the dedication as it is all about the quality. In the end, maximum output will be boosted in the form of success and profit with Six Sigma implementation because this technique believes in the best customer satisfaction, earning customer loyalty.

Review the Status Quo

Business world is changing rapidly, and companies must adopt new strategies to face successfully the challenges of modern business world. Doing nothing or maintaining previous or current decision is known as status quo. Samuel Johnson has said, “To do nothing is within the power of all men.”According to current trends of economic thinking embraces choices of rationality and descriptive paradigm. Business individuals, groups, companies and government regulators must choose from well defined preferences.

The key to prospering and evolving is not only to challenge basic assumptions of the business but rejecting them outright also. Economists and business executives are of the view that organizations whether review the status quo or let go of it will defying sense of gravity and rising above the competition (Del Val & Fuentes, 2003). To start the review and changing process, organizations should start questioning some sacred business cows, such as:

It is Our Biggest and Best Seller

Sometimes organizations ignore the market needs and become slavish to the client's needs. The point is that strong revenue is represented by ...
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