Exercise: Causes And Effects

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Exercise: causes and effects

Exercise: causes and effects


Exercise not only improves your physique, but is provides great proportions for both your psyche as the body in general. In the increasingly Account computerized and sedentary environment we now live in, where the possibility of natural physical exertion increasingly missing is exercise and physical training the answer! Want to increase your well being and also improve your control over your weight, it is training in conjunction with a good diet the way to go.


To combine any form of cardio exercise with strength training can be an optimal way to achieve good physical health, creating fitness, build muscle, burn fat and create weight loss. Choose the fitness sport that suits you; please combine different types of fitness sports. Strength training is an exercise to build muscles and strengthen the body. When you start training, you may want to take it easy at first to then increase your workout gradually. The training schedule can be good to achieve a really good health and physique (Paluska, & Schwenk, 2000, pp.167-180):

When you start training and are untrained, it can feel tough in the beginning, you may feel some resistance. It is during this period that it is important to persevere and fight on. Then everything will go a lot easier when your body is accustomed to training and the positive results are beginning to appear (Paluska, & Schwenk, 2000, pp.167-180). Then workout just is pleasurable and necessary. It is good to combine strength training with cardio if you effectively want to build muscle while burning fat. During strength training, a large portion of your energy stores so fat metabolism gets moving faster on strength training followed by cardio. The recovery time for the muscles can also be affected by conditioning exercise intensity as well as duration, but combining these two forms of exercise can streamline your training, you can save time while training is fun and varied while during the same exercise can build muscle and burn excess fat.


Physical training reduces blood pressure already in the fourth week of training. Thus the heart becomes less force to circulate blood, both at rest and in physical activity. Obesity is a major current problem causing hypertension and heart disease. Physical exercise increases weight loss and especially facilitates the loss of abdominal fat is a major cause of circulatory problems (Szabo, 2003, pp.152-162). Other good effects: it reduces insulin resistance, lowers ...
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