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Research Papers on Finance

Research papers on finance focus not merely on theory but also on various commerce and business activities that are directly affected by the financial activities. The same requires authentic research and reliable content. In this section of Researchomatic some of the most utile research papers on finance have been collected and compiled in order to help students.

Strategy Behind the Merger In Recent Years
Mergers MERGERS Strategy behind the Merger In recent years, airline industry in the whole world has been facing intense competition (Wensveen, 2010). Many old airlines are facing difficulties in maintaining their market share ever since low cost carriers entered and secured a sizeable market. US Airways and American airlines are also two such ...
Pepsi Vs Coca Cola
PEPSI VS COCA COLA Pepsi vs. Coca Cola Pepsi vs. Coca Cola Part 1) History and overview of Pepsi and Coca Cola PepsiCo Inc. is an American multinational beverage company. The headquarters of Pepsi Co is in Purchase, New York, with research and development headquarters in Valhalla. The company came into being in early 1890 ...
Understanding The Concept Of Finance & Financial Management
Understanding the Concept of Finance & Financial Management Understanding the Concept of Finance & Financial Management Introduction In an economy, commercial entities play a very critical role in the development of society and social welfare. All organizations are working day in and day out in order to achieve their specific goals. ...
Fedex Corporation
FedEx Corporation INTRODUCTION1 OVER VIEW OF THE COMPANY1 Product and services2 Main competitors2 Current Financial Highlights - 20132 NATURE OF THE COMPANY'S BUSINESS3 COMPETITION & INDUSTRY FACTORS4 Overview of the industry4 Competitive advantages of FedEx5 PESTEL Analysis7 Political Factor7 Economic Factors7 Social Factors8 Technological factor9 SWOT Analysis9 Strength9 1. Brand Name and Image9 2. Large scale Operation10 3. Use of Advance Technology10 Weakness10 1. US market dependency10 2. Competitive Segment11 3. Increase in ...
Northern Feather Company
NORTHERN FEATHER COMPANY Northern Feather Company Northern Feather Company Part 3 Northern Feather Company is involved in selling sleeping products to variety of customers. It sells its product to individuals as well as industry customers. Its industry customers include various businesses from hospitality industry. However, company approaches to their individual customers through variety ...
Metlife Inc.
MetLife Inc. MetLife Inc. Abstract Insurance industry is directly related to the performance of the financial sector. Any movement in the macro-economic variables has a direct effect on the industry. Insurance industries, particularly in the US, have been struggling ever since the financial crisis hit global markets. The recession slowed down economic activities ...
Relevant Information For Decision Making
Relevant Information for Decision Making Relevant Information for Decision Making Introduction Behemoth Motors Corp. (BMC) is an automobile manufacturing company based in the United States of America. The company has planned to incorporate a Global Positioning System Navigator (GPSN) in its Sports Utility Vehicles (SUV) commencement within the automobile of 2013 model. ...
Real Estate – Business Plan
Real Estate - Business Plan Real Estate - Business Plan Executive Summary We are going to present a business plan for a hypothetical real estate company, ABC Properties, planning to relocate to a new location for strategic reasons. ABC is currently based in Edgware, London, but due to various factors, planning to relocate ...
Predatory Lending Practices By Subprime Consumer Lenders And Their Economic Effects
Predatory lending practices by subprime consumer lenders and their economic effects Predatory lending practices by subprime consumer lenders and their economic effects Overview A subprime credit is a form credit financial market United States that is characterized by a level of risk higher than the average of other credit default. This type ...
CEOs to Face Berkshire-Loyalty
CEOs to Face Berkshire-Loyalty Test Introduction3 Discussion3 Warren Buffet3 Prominent Figure in Investing4 Berkshire Hathaway5 What they do?7 Strategies & Acquisitions7 Berkshire Hathaway Net worth9 Investment Strategy10 Current Stronghold of Warren Buffet10 Future of Berkshire Hathaway11 Would A Heir Be As Good As He Is?11 Effects on Shareholders/Stakeholders12 Change in Management12 Conclusion12 CEOs to Face Berkshire-Loyalty Test Introduction When Cathy Baron Tamraz, the lady is the ...
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