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Essay on Theory

Financial analysis and its study is an important subject, not merely for entrepreneurs and investors but for students as well. Researchomatic provides a dedicated section on Finance theory essays which cater to basic as well as complex concepts of this domain. These essays on finance theory are highly detailed and informative and will assist students and researchers to meet their educational goals.

Business Types
BUSINESS TYPES Business Types Business Types Introduction Broadly speaking, there are three principal forms of business organizations. A.Sole Proprietorship B.Partnership C.Corporation (company) Sole Proprietorship The first type is the Sole Proprietorship. The sole proprietorship is the simplest form of business organization, the easiest to begin, and has the most flexible structure in terms of its overall operation. To ...
Imf And Financial Crises
IMF AND FINANCIAL CRISES IMF and Financial crises IMF and Financial crises Introduction The study is related to the policies of International Monetary Fund for the developing countries which are facing financial crisis. It is observed that IMF is not playing its role in helping and guiding the countries to keep away from ...
Financial Management
FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT Financial Management Financial Management Financial Reporting Financial reporting is very important for every organization. It helps in keeping the finances of the company in line with the goals of the organization and keeps a check where the company's funds are going. Financial management is a fundamental aspect as it is responsible for ...
Issues In Financial Reporting
ISSUES IN FINANCIAL REPORTING Issues in Financial Reporting Issues in Financial Reporting Company information Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA) is the Australia's largest bank by assets and market capitalization. It offers a wide range of banking products for private and corporate clients, including mortgage loans, bank cards, savings accounts, insurance, pension, investment and brokerage ...
Basel Committee
BASEL COMMITTEE Basel Committee's Risk Categories Basel Committee's Risk Categories Introduction The Basel Committee and the Basel Committee on Banking prudential supervision is an institution created in 1974 by the governors of central banks in the "Group of Ten" (G10), includes central banks and regulators and banking supervisors major industrialized countries ...
External Or Internal Funds As Sources Of Financing
External or internal funds as sources of financing Internal and External Sources of Funds Introduction A diversity of funding sources in an organization is a factor which be assured of ongoing programs. Depend from a single source of funds which implies that when there is a cut, has to adjust the number and ...
Potential Inheritance Tax Liabilities
POTENTIAL INHERITANCE TAX LIABILITIES Potential Inheritance Tax Liabilities Table of Contents Introduction3 Benefits and Drawbacks of Mitigating Inheritance Tax4 Benefits4 Drawbacks7 Reduce Potential Inheritance Tax Liabilities9 Mitigating Inheritance Tax12 Tax Rate12 Inheritance Tax Liability in different Scenarios13 Summary15 Potential Inheritance Tax Liabilities Introduction To reduce potential Inheritance Tax liabilities, married couples or people in civil partnerships, it is vital once the parties ...
Banking Industry Meltdowns
BANKING INDUSTRY MELTDOWNS Banking Industry Meltdowns Banking Industry Meltdowns Cases Barings Bank was one of the oldest banks in England. The company “ceased to exist on February 26, 1995. The bank failure was because of a futures trader named Nick Lesson. Lesson lost approximately $1.4 billion in the company assets. Lesson loses ...
Financial Planning
FINANCIAL PLANNING Financial Planning Financial Planning Financial planning is a process of setting objectives, assessing assets and resources, estimating future financial needs, and making plans to achieve monetary goals. Many elements may be involved in financial planning, including investing, asset allocation, and risk management. Tax, retirement, and estate planning are ...
Financial Crisis 2008
FINANCIAL CRISIS 2008 The reasons for 2008 financial crisis and how did it affect the aviation industry The reasons for 2008 financial crisis and how did it affect the aviation industry Introduction Financial crisis can be defined as a condition when money requirement rapidly increases as compared to the money supply. A few decades ...
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