Foreign Investment In Qatar

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Foreign Investment in Qatar




1.1 Background of the topic1

1.2 Problem Statement2

1.3 Research Questions2

1.4 Significance of the Study2


2.1 Overview of the economy of Qatar3

2.2 Diversification of the Qatar's Economy5

2.3 Factors related to Qatar's Business Environment5


3.1 Overview of the Research Methods7

3.2 Sampling Size7

3.3 Instruments for Data Collection8

3.4 Ethical Concerns for the Research8



1.1 Background of the topic

Qatar is a small country which is located in the disorderly Persian Gulf region that is quite similar to the islands of Caribbean in terms of the size. The population of Qatar is less than one million people which is basically categorised under the urban class and also represents the second highest per capita income in the world. Qatar is full of oil and gas resources which have made it possible for them to earn huge amount of revenues. Qatar provides a very good opportunity for foreign investment because of the perfect infrastructure in the entire country. Over the past several years, Qatar has been able to achieve GDP growth rates for more than 17% and is striving to improve this rate further in the upcoming years. Despite of the financial crisis that occurred in the year 2008, Qatar has maintained an excellent GDP growth rate of more than 9% which has been highest in the entire Gulf region (Abdulla, 1995, 52).

It is a fact that Qatar has enjoyed good economic success but it needs to work on the diplomatic and political activities a bit more in order to create an opportunity for the foreign investment in the country. The capital city of Doha has received worldwide attention from various stakeholders in different parts of the world because of its endless opportunities. However, there is a need to prepare a comprehensive strategy in this regard in order to counter the huge influence of Dubai, which is a very popular city in the entire Gulf Region. The onus is on the Government of Qatar to prepare a suitable policy in this regard to create a feasible environment for the investors. Since, Qatar has one of the fastest-growing economies in the world; they need to take advantage of this situation and must adopt an optimistic plan for the future (Anderson, 1981, 65).

1.2 Problem Statement

The major objective of the research is to assess the conditions regarding the foreign investment opportunities in Qatar.

1.3 Research Questions

The research questions for the study are

Q1- What is the overall position of the economy of Qatar?

Q2- How is the business environment of Qatar to encourage foreign investment?

Q3- What are the different kinds of opportunities for the foreign investors in the country?

Q4- What are the potential benefits and threats for the investors in the country?

1.4 Significance of the Study

Qatar has been termed as the future of the entire Middle East because of the current economic landscape and friendly business environment. There are no political problems in the country and the overall atmosphere in the country ...
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