Fund Development Plan

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Fund Development Plan



Non-Profit entities require financial aids and grants in order to carry out their programs. Conventionally fund collection is not a very favorite job for executives and directors of the organization, but without fundraising, their business will not advance (Scott, E. 2002). This is the reason why the nonprofit organizations have started developing strategies to collect donation from the philanthropists of the community in a way that is more decent, they have now termed the word fundraising as 'Fund Development' (Scott, E. 2002). Through this strategy, they are in a constant process of developing terms with entities that are willing to support their cause.

Today many of the NP Organizations are running a program that addresses the problem facing the youth of the society. Ozone House in Michigan is also one of those respectable organizations which have a successful history of supporting the youth in every way. In this paper, we aim to develop a new program for Ozone House followed by a complete fund raising program.


Organization Summary

Ozone House is a nonprofit organization for the communities that aims to provide guidance and safe shelter to the many young adults and teens of Ann Arbor, Michigan, to lead a secure and healthy life away from crimes (Ozone House.2009). It promises a harmless, dynamic, and prolific life through intensive involvement in preventive measures and services. Established in 1969, the organization had been working vigorously since then (Ozone House.2009). The organization provides mentoring services young adults usually in high school or middle schools. The organization has been successful in its provision of shelter to several homeless kids of the city by developing exclusive, quality housing and support programs (Ozone House.2009).

The organization also delivers services which provide a supportive environment through adequate training and assistance. These services are also aimed to help the runaway and high-risk young adults along with their families. Through these support services, The Ozone House also help the youngsters grow vital living skills. They also work as a bridge between the family members of and the runaway youth in order to strengthen family ties (Ozone House.2009). The organization being one of its kinds in the community has been successful in achieving its targeted goals. The mission Statement of the Organization is mentioned below.

Mission Statement

Ozone House is a community-based, nonprofit agency that helps young people lead safe, healthy, and productive lives through intensive intervention and prevention services (Ozone House.2009).

Goals and Objectives

The Overall goal of the Organization is to support family reunification, whenever possible. But if it is not possible, Aim to reinforce and strengthen family links fostering the relationship based on their mutual belief in each other. Ozone House focuses mainly on school going adolescents. It is expected that ion the next 3 years; fifty percent of the children will be in the primary or high school. This particular cluster of peers is mostly challenging. The ideal time for their counseling of these children is considered affective in order to minimize the risk of them getting ...
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