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Geographical Issue

Geographical Issue


For this paper, we have selected the issue of climatic change. Climatic change is a global concern in Africa, and all across the world. In recent times, it is one of the basic issues that we encounter. The issues of climatic change have directly linked all geographies to each other. This has been agreed by geologists that large number of geospatial technologies is needed in order to tackle complex and large geographical issue of climatic change. The technology that is available for most of the geologists is GIS. GIS keeps the updated data in order to make people understand what is taking place in our planet, how change in climate takes place, and what impacts the climatic change has on individuals.

Global Climatic Change

The climate of earth has undergone fundamental changes in recent as well as in distant past, and is definite to undergo much more fundamental changes in the coming days. As urbanization, population, and industrialization continue to increase, so as the environmental stressors like pollution (Hulme, 2001). This change in environmental quality and climate can have large vast insinuations for quality of life. Despite on where we stand on the issue of climatic change or global warming, we are obliged to have a look on the data, and to make intelligent and actionable alternatives.

Causes of Climatic Change

An irresistible body of scientific proof paints a clear picture that climatic change is taking place. Climatic change is caused mainly by human activities, and it has several serious and possibly damaging impacts on the lives of individuals. This has been confirmed by scientist that earth is warming, and that the emissions of greenhouse gas from power plants, cars and other artificial sources are the fundamental causes of natural changes in climate. Because of the fossil fuels combustion, concentrations of carbon dioxide, the greenhouse gas, are at an equaled level. Because of this, effect of green house is trapping large amount of sun's heat near the surface of earth, and slowly pushing the climatic system of planet into unexplored territory (Pascual, 2006).

Green house gases including carbon dioxide have always been present in the atmosphere. These gases keep the earth open to life by catching heat. So far, since the revolution of industry, emission of green house gases from human activity have progressively mounted up, trapping more amount of heat and intensifying the natural effect of green house. Because of this, global average temperatures have increased.

The scientific evidences have clearly shown that climatic change is taking place and is affecting the geography of different areas. The climatic changes are directly linked with the human activities (Brooks, 2004).

Climatic Change and Agriculture

The agriculture and climate are intricately linked is not a new occurrence. Agricultural scientists and farmers have been trying to control the negative effects of climatic change on production of food. The consideration that climatic changes would significantly increase temperatures and cause rain to be much more unpredictable has currently put this struggle to increase ...
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