Global Warming

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Global Warming

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Causes of Global Warming3

Effects of Global Warming4

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Global Warming


Global warming is when the world gets warmer (the earth's temperature rises). It happens when greenhouse gases (carbon dioxide, water, nitrous oxide, and methane) attract heat and warmth from the sun in the global atmosphere, which increases the earth's temperature. This impacts many people, animals, and trees and plants. Many cannot take the change, so they die.

The greenhouse effect is if the warm temperature rises because the heat of the sun and light is caught in the global atmosphere. This is to be released as if warmth in a car. During a very hot day, the car agrees more hotly if it from is in the car a lot. This is due which can raise warmth and the temperature of the sun in the car, while one by the windows, but it cannot again out. This is what the greenhouse effect in the world does. The heat and the temperature can agree by the planet, but it cannot out. Consequently the warm temperature rises.

Causes of Global Warming

Global warming is caused all over the world. An element, to the global warming leads all over the world is the electric load of the planets. Stream causes the air pollution in the planet often, some more than other extreme. In most cases fossil fuels are used to do electric energy. Conventional energy options are transmitted by animals and trees and plants are created. Some forms of fossil fuels are from oil and gas. Many toxic chemicals which are sent poison (the air, water and ground), in the air if fossil fuels from are used. Some of these active substances become known substances as a greenhouse gas (IPCC AR4 WG3, 2007).

We use these canals from electric even more than the canals to offer less air pollution in the world. Oil, one of the canals by stream, is often used. It is used for Carry, the development of electric energy, and the development of many other components. Although this electric resource delivers a lot of air pollution of the planet, it becomes for 38% the US. States' electricity (IPCC AR4 WG3, 2007).

Carbon dioxide is the air that our body from allows if we breathe. With less trees and plants, it is more difficult to breathe for the singles because it more CO2 in the air, and we do not know breathe CO2 which we breathe refreshing air. Vegetation collects the CO2 which we breathe out, and they produce refreshing air which we breathe in. With less trees and plants and other vegetations, like plankton, there is less air for us and more greenhouse gas in the air cleverly. This implies, that it decisively, our trees and plants to stop the greenhouse effect to protect consequences, and also, so that we breathe and live. This gas, CO2, enriches to themselves temperature and warmth (radiation energy), laid out by the sun, and this makes the world warmer. The warmth ...
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