Global Warming And Manmade Activities

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Global Warming and Manmade activities

Global Warming and Manmade activities


'Global warming' is a term used to refer the unprecedented rise in climate change across the world. It is also due to the emission of greenhouse gases by burning of fuels such as; gasoline, diesel and bio fuels. These gases are ozone, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, and methane which are dangerous to the health of human beings because, these gases form a layer of pollutants and, absorb infrared gases from the earth and reflect heat which is one of the major causes of global warming. Deforestation and burning of woods are contributing in this process and, due to continue dispersion of heat, temperature is raising day by day (Stefan, 2010). This phenomenon is happening more in urban areas as compared to rural areas and, results the cause of global warming. Now when considering the causes of global warming, there are two major reasons: natural and manmade. We will discuss the man made causes of global warming and, also men should protect the environment by changing their lifestyles. Scientists have different opinions regarding the happenings of global warming as natural or manmade but, researches show that these effects are mostly due to manmade activities.

Contribution of Man towards Global Warming

Due to this global warming phenomenon, environmental changes are found to be increased rapidly and, it is a great concern. The main reason behind the increased concern of global warming is due to the luxurious lifestyles of individuals. Due to increase demand of human beings they are compromising the environment and as such their health (Stefan, 2010). The major activities involved in contribution of global warming affects are the deforestation, extraction of oil from the earth, waste of industries, cruise ship and air pollution and also other activities. We focus on these activities one by one as these activities play an important role towards global warming and, are for the benefits of human beings.


Deforestation is done in order to get wood which the source of creation of different products is such as; furniture, doors, cabins, and other daily use products which are found in our offices and homes. Due to deforestation, absorption of carbon dioxide is less and causes the increase in temperature when absorbed in a pollutant layer. At the beginning of century, there were about 40% forest in the world and, today the rate decreased to 27% due to deforestation. Also, due to deforestation, species of plants and animals are found no place to live and, results in their death.

Extraction of Oil

Extraction of oil releases large amount of heat in the atmosphere with carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulphide and other green house gases, which are the source gases of global warming. In a similar way, industrial waste is sunk into the sea water which is also the source of global warming. Man made activities has a negative impact on the temperature of the world and, due to these activities we observe acid rain, smog and depletion of ozone ...
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